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  1. Kunlun Seminars

  2. Death for Dummies

    i second that with deep respect!
  3. Is buddhism dangerous?

  4. Is buddhism dangerous?

    well of course to buddhists lao tzu is gonna be buddha's disciple! ...just like how to hindus buddha is but an avatar of vishnu. i imagine many taoists would offer a different story about the origins of lao tzu, and perhaps even about those of taoism in general. so who makes this stuff up? surely it is but a mirror of our own dreaming. yet why follow some else's fairy tale?
  5. Doctors May Be Third Leading Cause of Death

    take at least 4 gallons of oil, preferably sesame or maybe sunflower, bundle 'em together with a rope and pull it all around town till you break a sweat. it's very purifying!
  6. You never had a choice.

    beautifully put. (though still these statements are kind of extreme ) -christopher
  7. You never had a choice.

    on the acausality of volition: beware of reification! freedom may be empty, but emptiness is empty too. thus, it doesn't abide as some independent entity "outside" volition, waiting to subsume it into choicelessness. the reality of choicelessness in no way impinges upon that of choice. the imputations of both choice AND choicelessness only exist as projections within the very conceptuality you implicitly decry! just my 2 cents... -christopher
  8. zen stories

    that is exceptional. where did you hear it -- is there a textual source?
  9. Traditional Chinese Clothing

    Count me in too. I've been meaning to acquire such fineries for a while. If you could provide specific price estimates for what you're producing, that'd be great.
  10. the dance of shiva

    i've studied with andrey and his students in the past... he teaches primarily in the yoga tradition, not taoist. the practice has some very powerful effects, but as with anything like this, you must be dedicated to progressing... i would say the essence of it really only comes out once you get into levels 3 and 4... he only touches on level 3 in this DVD, it's mostly a description of 1 and 2... the practice is basically about accelerating integration and articulation between inner and outer space, mind and body. it is very helpful in improving cognitive organization - great for memory, focus, learning... it seems to stimulate energy-centers related to thought/language/patterns...
  11. salutations

    salutations friends along the ever-whirling way, i have been reading in this forum recently after discovering it via the healingdao site.... and i would like see the restricted sections... my background is mostly in hatha yoga, but i'm getting very interested in the taoist approaches after a difficult period enduring the consequences of biting off more than i could chew energetically.. and since then it has just been learning and exploring the means to integrate everything with everything... ...i look forward to being a part of this community.. my best wishes, christopher