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  1. Are you ready for a rumble-in-the-jungle? That's right--can you imagine Plato and Alexyss K. Tylor ( ) in the same room? Well imagine no more! I'm so excited to be present with this amazing woman and drop some game on the topic of PROSTATE HEALTH. (full summary of planned topics below) Paste this link in your browser to listen to the show live, if you miss it, you can download it later: If link fails, use this one: Full Summary Of Planned Topics (based on my book: ) Prostate problems would not exist if men were orgasmically on more of an equal footing with women. Of course, a man can never have the same experience a woman does, yet he can expand his experience of his orgasm and I discuss the whole class of prostate massage toys out there that promise "full body" orgasms--explaining which ones work and why they do or don't. The trouble here is that even with prostate massage toys that are correctly designed, most men still fail to achieve the orgasms they desire. Why is this so? For the same reason many women fail at orgasm: due to being disconnected from their bodies due to muscular armoring which is a result of from traumatic experiences accumulated throughout life--the most overlooked of which is the very act of being socially conditioned. At this point I discuss practical methods for removing muscular armor that are very hard to uncover on one's own and I give a crash course on the patterns in which the body releases muscular armor along with how the seeker should view the construction of their bodies to maximize their efforts. Within this discussion, I also cover the nature of eating disorders in women and how they have little to do with controlling weight, but rather with controlling rage and sexuality that the ego is afraid would destroy either it or the physical body, so it traps it with the help of the diaphragm and the platysma which is where all OCD and neurosis emanate from in the physical body. So once we see that prostate problems (enlargement or cancer) arise from low-power orgasms, and we see that high power orgasms often cannot be achieved because social conditioning and trauma have prevented us from physically living in our power (be it vagina or penis), the question is who is behind this planet-wide disenfranchisement of all humans irrespective of sex or race? Who knows!
  2. The prostate is a reflection of a man's integrity. Wonder why prostate problems are on the rise? In order to be most effective at solving a prostate problem, one must expand to include the entire pelvic bowl. There was a post here years ago called "Crystal in Uranus" and this is a good summary of what needs to be done. -Plato
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