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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    Some people that have fallen by the wayside may become serious cases. The suicide may or may not be a rumor but there are people that have been hurt just the same, not only from the way Kunlun was taught,but long before it. These things seem to follow or be a repeating pattern of broken relationships and poor judgment with this teacher. All of this comments on the teaching style and lack of commitment to the students. This theme will continue to be repeated with this teacher, and may become a pattern for the students, from what I have read that seems to already be the case.I appreciated all the material in this thread and wish nothing had been deleted or censored. Charity begins at home, when it doesn't people complain. None of you wanted any of this to happen, but from what I read it seems to me that the understanding was always there that it would.Joe.
  2. For Clarity on Philip Toledo

    -O- Please read what you wrote: And then read it again. What you wrote is based on what Max didn't say? I have to repeat that it seems to me that you give too much credit to the teacher and not enough to what you learned for yourself. He seems to make the process harder for students now encouraging things that are best to avoid. Consider please that you got him at the right time as well as got the best of him. I am glad you are moving on. I don't think you need him anymore. Joe.
  3. For Clarity on Philip Toledo

    I sincerley hope for your sake and as well as everyone elses that it all gets worked out and goes well for all of you. Joe.
  4. For Clarity on Philip Toledo

    This is a serious issue. Very serious. I can't see how both sides wouldn't have done everything possible to rectify it. It reflects negatively on the student who produced the tapes as well as the teacher who allowed it. What kind of secret teachings are these? They obviously do not promote clear thinking or lead to sound judgment, but instead contribute to allowing one to make poor choices for themselves that can potentially lead to severe consequences for others. This signals to me great instability and gives me cause for concern. Based on what I've been reading though it is the student that is always to blame. I think -O- that you and others give the teacher far too much credit, far too much. Thank you to all for your posts. I will never consider becoming a student of this teacher or practice again. Joe.
  5. Lama Dorje

    I don't think this statement has or can ever be true for anyone. During the OMG moments people forget what they don't really know. Joe. Thank you for your posts. I have appreciated them. Joe.
  6. Lama Dorje

    Do the Kunlun students agree with this statement? There was no involvement or encouragement from Max to journal or post? Joe. Did you learn directly from Max? If so was it important to learn directly from him? Would you say it was/is important to see him occasionally for guidance? do you teach Kunlun? Thank you for answering my questions.Joe.
  7. Lama Dorje

    Are you Philip? Are you or were you a student of Max's? Did you learn what you have written from Max? If so why isn't he teaching this at the seminars too? Why would Max set up a website and encourage community if what you write is true? Would this not encourage a dependence on the teacher and the community? How come you know this and they don't? Joe.
  8. How to properly thank a person

    Not everyone. There are some of us that have appreciated what he has had to say. There is a "point" otherwise people wouldn't bother posting. I read through for the "point". goldisheavy has always had good points and they are found in every post he makes. He hasn't learned the best way to present them yet to encourage the consideration of others is all. mjbecker used to write aggressively then mellowed out, he's forgotten that he used to be the same way. People can change. We all have stuff we are going through. If we focus on the points found in every post maybe we can withold our anger and actually read through each post without it so we can see the wisdom. There have been lots of spiritual leaders that have been very unlikeable and morally corrupt. What is the measure of wisdom, if it doesn't come in the "proper" package should it be overlooked? I like goldisheavy and have enjoyed his posts the most. He stirs the pot and gets people out of their sleepy mode and gets them thinking. Even with stuff like this we can get into a rut. Even with stuff like this. I have to go now. It's time for me to go - girlfriend, too much schoolwork, 2 jobs, dog, cat, and 3 goldfish and practice. My best to everyone. Joe.
  9. What's up with those pictures?

    Cameron, what about you? You've written as many negative things regarding Kunlun as positive so have a lot of other Kunlun students. It's all there in what I've been reading. It is there. You are still not sure of it because you went to another teacher and so have other Kunlun students. There are some posts that you haven't deleted. You do keep defending it and always answer, or tell people to stop talking about it ??????????????????????????????? It's all so very very weird. I give up it's time to go. Thanks everyone. Joe.
  10. How many Kunlun workshops?

    "Once the alchemy is restarted it does not end. There are many changes to go through...." "There is great purpose in all of it"... What? Once restarted it does not end. Can't stop it. I do not even understand the choices. Golden Body - Rainbow body, no one has provided a sufficient explanation of what they are or what happens to you. I should understand the choices. What kind of choices to I have with Kunlun & transmission? You make it sound like once it has begun and is restarted by transmission all choice is lost - you won't have anymore choice and it's doesn't matter what you do it's going to be done to you like a runaway train. I should understand the choices. What kind of choices do I have with this practice Kunlun & transmission. Does transmission take away my choice. What kind of choices do I have. Understand the choices - understand the choices - understand the choices. Who does. There is great purpose in all of it. Who are you and can you answer my questions? How many workshops have you attended just one? I already asked you this and it was more than once. It would be nice to get a clear coherent knowledgeable answer about this because it is important!!!!!!!!!! Joe.
  11. Lessons I'm Learning.

    It does sound like this is going to include being honest with yourself. If you should happen to lie again, at least you'll know your reasons why and it will have been a choice instead of a knee jerk reaction. Saying I'm sorry, forgiving, and allowing forgiveness is the hardest thing and best thing all at the same time. All my best to you. Joe.
  12. What's up with those pictures?

    Notice my last line - Where do I sign up for that? I know I'm not perfect I have a lot to learn but I know now that I won't find it here on this site. Joe.