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  1. Around the Tao in 80 Days

    you can get the ebook now for free if you want it. Or you can choose a price.
  2. Around the Tao in 80 Days

    Hey everyone, I want to draw your attention to a new book that I just helped put together. It's titled "Around the Tao in 80 Days" by Trey Smith and Alex Paul. It's a commentary on the Tao Te Ching, but not just one version. It contains chapters from many different translations and renditions. You can check it out at and at If any of you get around to reading it, I'd love to hear your comments. Maybe we can even open up a discussion on some of the ideas in the book.
  3. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    i always saw original taoism as more natural than buddhism. it seems more 'human' and should we really strive to pretend to be anything else?
  4. Greetings and inane babblings

  5. Earnings

    [just as a note: aquiring wealth is not out of step with the tao.]
  6. Passing the hat around for Gossamer

    please listen to what i have to say. i don't think there should be any decisions made too quickly. not until you have heard more than a couple views. it's been said many times by many legendary taoists that you can achieve things through non-doing. gossamer could be relieved from his problems by simply emptying his mind. what should his possesions and his money matter to him? you can achieve happiness without any of these things. and even if he is being oppressed by 'black magic' he can easily defend himself. he just needs to find the strength that is already inside of him. he doesn't need some pricey ritual from a sketchy religious priest. to quote Chuang Tzu: "Hold on to all that you have received from Heaven but do not think you have gotten anything. Be empty, that is all. The Perfect Man uses his mind like a mirror - going after nothing, welcoming nothing, responding but not storing. Therefore he can win out over things and not hurt himself." gossamer, please don't give yourself up to Mak. what you need is already inside of you.
  7. Intro to Taoism System

    i follow Chuang Tzu's writings almost as much as Lao Tzu's, and I think he/she/they meant it when he said: "know no master ." in chapter 7.
  8. Lao Tzu Channeled Is It REAL?

    i think a pilgrimage is in order. who wants to organize a carpool?
  9. Hear, Hear

    what's the difference between being dead and one with the tao and being alive and one with the tao?
  10. Intro to Taoism System

    a. how could you lie and pretend you knew anything about me? b. you are still acting as an elitist. that's not what taoism is about. it's about all things being equal.
  11. Terminology in Taoism - FAAT

  12. New Member

    welcome! from another newcomer.
  13. Intro to Taoism System

    stop being an elitist. the tao is what it is.
  14. Terminology in Taoism - FAAT

    where did you get this from? i'm just curious.
  15. musical tastes

    well, there are a few artists that i really like. the appleseed cast -- especially the album Mare Vitalis, has some amazing 'big' sounding music. they also have a lot of interesting themes in their lyrics. cap'n jazz -- this band is definitely not for everyone, but i absolutely love them. their music is usually noodly, out of tune and full of voice cracks, but it is totally refreshing. (definitely full of spontaneity and spirit, like you said.) islands -- the first album by this band is really great. some very catchy and lovable songs. but their second album just wasn't as good.