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  1. What are you getting for the holidays?

    Hi Shon, Thanks for the information. Whre do you get them? Are we talking jewelry store, new age store, ebay? Do you have dzi beads? How do they benefit you? Sorry for all the questions - I'm on my 3rd cup of tea... Thank you, Have a wonderful day, marbles aka Jenny
  2. Sarah Palin of The Tao

    minkus & Steve, Thank you so much - I'm more at ease now. Sometimes if something is too easy I figure I must be doing it wrong....for some odd reason sex comes to mind but that's a whole nother topic.... Anyway - I was questioning my intrepretation of what Lou says - maybe I wasn't "getting it" - but you've reassured me that getting it is whatever I get out of it - and that's what matters. That's the beauty part, no right, no wrong, just being... You are great and have been so helpful. A couple things I need to clarify, I love Sarah Palin, meant no offense, and I love pigs - and mud for that matter.....thanks for wallowing with me - I do wonder why Lou isn't more known - more mainstream - everyone has heard of the bible, Jesus is huge - why did it take 42 years for me to hear of Lou and the Dow - It's not a secret, and as you both said it's our nature, there is nothing more natural.... why it isn't more well known? Aprreciate any insight. Thanks again, Oink, marbles (aka: Jenny)
  3. Sarah Palin of The Tao

    Hi Steve - I love that you refer to my ignorance as "candor" - bless you. I'm finding - after 2 whole days of The Bums and 1 day of the Tea House - that everyone seems to be over complicating the Tao. To me and my ignorance (bliss) it seems the Tao is simple. Maybe too simple? Maybe I'm too simple? Lou and the Dow are so refreshingly simple to me - so natural, so "of course", am I missing something? I find it so appealing because of it's simplicity. Call it ignorance, call it bliss, I call it an answer to questions I've had for years and I am so grateful to have found it, and to have found you and the Bums and the Tea House. Why the need to over complicate? (not you specifically but in general) It's all as clear as mud and I'm a happy pig.... anyone else feel this way? Look forward to any replies... oink, marbles
  4. What are you getting for the holidays?

    Thank you Wu-Lui - I like the sound of the $30 one - but find the hundreds of dollars one more intriguing - but, not having hundreds of dollars I too will go for a $30 one. Merry Christmas to me and my dzi bead! Thank you again. I've got access to a book called "the crystal bible" - probably an title - amazing with what it shows for the healing properties of every stone. Check it out if you're so inclined. I'll write Santa for the authentic dzi bead - but if that doesn't work out I''ll get the other. Thank you. marbles
  5. Sarah Palin of The Tao

    Thank you Starjumper7. I've spent a couple hours now at the Tea House and was quite comfortable. Look forward to many more hours there - and here - just reading and trying to get a better understanding of the many aspects of Tao and all that goes with it. Appreciate your help. marbles
  6. Sarah Palin of The Tao

    Man I am lost on most of the forum posts - terms I've never heard - thoughts I've never thunk - whole aspects of spirituality that I can't pronounce much less discuss - Is there a Tao for Dummies area I can visit? I refer to Lau-tzu as "Lou" just because it's easier for my phonetically organized brain to comprehend. Lou and the Dow. Where is that Dummy room?......Lou and the Dow - a new music group - or maybe the name of my next book (also my first book...)....Love ya' Lou.....hang in there with me Bums.... Many thanks, marbles
  7. What are you getting for the holidays?

    Wu-Lui - How/where does a person come to own a dzi bead - never heard of one - am enchanted by it's description - are they traded/bought/wished for/Dear Santa letter? Please share (where you get one - not your bead)...Thank you, marbles Nothing on my Christmas list - 'cept maybe the dzi bead - I've got too much stuff already - seriously, more stuff than I have room for - shameful - but am working on lightening the load - like 47 shirts and I wear 6 of them - I've got a box started for the WBSD (a store that takes donations to help the less fortunate - unfortunately the less fortunate may not want 15 year old shirts - even if there are 41 of them....) heavy sigh... If only I had learned to quilt.....
  8. Hello Bums

    My original introduction was done on company time (no sweat, it's my company...) but to get a little further in depth, I discovered the Tao through Wayne Dyer's book - and have read many interpretations since - I like it. I like The Way. I am abandoning years of indoctrination (Lutheran) to follow my heart. The Way is the only path that has rung true. I am an inexperienced discussion person - on any subject - but the Tao has drawn me. I read a verse every morning and contemplate it throughout the day. I am a mediocre meditator at best - but I can easily practice what I read - go figure. Anyone else new and confused but smitten? Look forward to conversation. marbles I like my tea with an ice cube.
  9. Hello Bums

    Hello Bums, Pleased to have found you. I am new and confused with/by the Tao but am drawn to it's simple complexity and it's complex simplicity. To keep myself balanced through the day I've started repeating (usually silently), "know one, know all. no one, no all." - corny I know but I find it helpful. Thank you for your time. marbles