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  1. Kunlun follow up poll

    yes indeed...
  2. Kunlun follow up poll

    Yoda, I do not think you have failed. I have more thoughts on this and would like to talk to you more about it... Gloria, I never said anything was all fun and games. I understand that with every high experience there is a low. As we continue on the path, the polarities of thought merge closer, and we become more peaceful. I would like to say, that when i was afraid and had questions, Max was present to answer them and he did help me. He did give me a sensation of Bliss in a workshop, it did not feel "wrong" in any way. I have only experienced Max as playful and compassionate and helpful to me and others. I feel the need to express this because I was skeptical of this practice at first. And now I understand and see much more clearly... It is a root that works for me. I am very sensitive to it, so I take it slow. I have had experiences of much purification, my sky eye opening and my mind learning more about itself. The fear happens when there is something i do not understand, but once understood with experience it naturally disappears. The more i focus on fear, the more ill side effects i experience~ in this practice and life in general. It is that simple, but not that easy. Kunlun works for me, so I still practice it. If it did not i would stop. Simple. I feel a bit intimidated to post here mostly because of all the hostility i sense. However I find it a rich resource of information and exchange of ideas... wish there was more of that on the kunlun sight. Love and appreciation to all of you, susie
  3. Kunlun follow up poll

    Hello Yoda and all, I do not post here, I post in the Kunlun forum, but wanted to respond to this poll. I was introduced to Kunlun and it's varying practices for 15 months. I was not looking for it, but was brought to a class by a friend. It worried me at first, and i did not understand what was going on. In a moment, I let go and released so much pain and fear, layer after layer. I continue to practice... 10 minutes every other day or so. I am not regimented, practice when it feels right and for as long as it feels right. That way it does always feel right and good. I feel stronger, cleaner, clearer. Feeling like layers of an onion, pealing away what is not real. With every layer it may have a stench and a tear, and the next surface is smoother. Red pheonix happens layered with life, not alway a formal practice. I find it in the middle of chaos, it brings a detached clarity... it is easy, natural. Kunlun is sometimes active, sometimes calm, and fills me with energy always expanding. Sometimes it is very blissful, sometimes talking in tongues and feeling downloaded with information... information that brings more clarity to my life. I have been to several of Max's workshops, yet do not feel it necessary to see him or get zapped. Mostly go to see friends, to bring friends...brought my mother... to share this with them, which has also helped them very much. Have felt other "energies". Not afraid, not attached, they come and go. As long as i focus on love and not fear, there is nothing to worry about. I do not know of all the lineages or alchemy or entities etc. I do not care about quick enlightenment. Just do what feels right. Now I am going to make a quilt from some old clothes. Have fun, love, susie
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    hello my friend g! honored to be here xosq
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    thanks yodster, yup, i'm a bum all right...
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    thanks... friend, i also wanted to add to my intentions: friendship
  7. The Tao Bum-Shakers

    yoda does belly dancing count? It is where i find my god...
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    i am here for deeper understanding, and entertainment... yoda makes me laugh. i am shy at first... although i have a big smile for you