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  1. Hi from australia

    Lemon and Ginger serenatea refreshing
  2. semen in urine

  3. semen in urine

    I was considering doing the Taoist Secrets of Love exercises by mantak chia, however I've had my doubts and since doing a little bit of practice I noticed it caused pain so I stopped practicing it. But this is my theory when you use the pc muscles to hold in the fluid you are causing back pressure in the vessel and naturally this pressure needs somewhere to escape or go, and because of the power or force of the back pressure I believe it could cause a rupture in one of the vessels. Its fairly simple mechanics. I've read somewhere that Mantak Chia is a christian and if he is he might actually just have a sick goal of repressing sexuality and hurting people in the process.
  4. Hi from australia

    Hi Wish you all well.