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  1. Moughenda (the Bwiti Shaman I work with) says that Iboga is fire energy so that may be so. More study should definitely be done on it since more and more people are having these awakening "problems" which I see as blessings (lessons) in disguise
  2. I totally hear you, I didn't mean to say Iboga can heal anything, but the person who came did say he had a kundalini awakening and wasn't able to handle it and made everything worse so that was the reason he came. In any sense, if you find a qi-healer that can settle your kundalini I would go that way first because it will be less intrusive and probably cheaper, I am just speaking from my own limited experience. At least for me, having a clearer mind after my Iboga treatment has enabled me to channel my energy in a much more useful and focused way. Best of luck.
  3. http://biologyofkund...ShamanicRenewal
  4. I also looked for raw chocolate at whole foods - didn't have any - it's very rare because companies all cook and process cacao beans. I did meet a woman at kunlun who makes a special kind of raw chocolate which has a very high vibration. You can just feel it by holding the bar of chocolate, and eating a piece is pretty amazing and seems to have remarkable adaptogen and healing capabilities . I wonder if there are other high vibrational foods. Here's her website
  5. hey

    i've been reading taobums for a couple weeks now - some amazing topics and information and look forward to posting now - nice meeting y'all - magic