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  1. Inner Power, Tenaga Dalam

    Level three has been deleted off scribd. That is a shame as I practice merpti puthi and wanted to compare training methods. As for level 1 and 2 the methods are the same but curious as to how they train vibration
  2. filling the dan tien

    Hi After practising neikung I feel a vibration also in the dantien and also a burning type of heat. This is especially strong if you abstain from sex for the suggested initial 100 days of training. APD
  3. HI, It became an instructor for a short while in this form. It has no application and has been adapted with bigger stretching and sinking movements to maximise its health benefits. It is based on the yang form and is 108 moves long.In terms of improving energetics it is a nice a form which does circulate the qi well. My only criticism is if you try and discuss any other tai chi or the martial application of the form it is not welcomed. You can be an instructor within two years of starting the practice and in my view a bit too quick as I met other instructors with little knowledge of tai chi and its principles and were surprised that other styles existed and I can only contribute this to the reluctance of senior teachers to share their broader knowledge. If you join you are told to not practice any other style. None the less it is a good form on an energetic level. All teachers are volunteers so their philosophy is on giving and sharing with out return which is admirable. My only worry was I noticed it started to display some elements of cult mentality but maybe that was just in the UK. The title Master Moy manifested when he died and he seems to have been elevated to this status after his death. Before this he was MR Moy. I Hope now he has passed the essence of what he started isn't lost.
  4. HI

    Hi, I am a new member to this site and hope I will be able to share and learn new info on the interesting topic of toaist cultivation and neikung. My interst especially lie in the mo pai and Tummo yoga practices. I look forward to some informative discussions.
  5. Hi

    HI, I look forward to much knowledge sharing and discussions. Felt very isolated in my practice and feel great I have found people with the same interest.