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  1. I am another one of the interested people in Australia if there were to be a training held here.
  2. I'm sure I have been caught up in some hype along the way. I know I can benefit from simplifying. Any suggestions?
  3. My favourite tea is Lou Han Guo by itself in boiling water. Lou Han Guo means "Fruit of the Arahats or Elightened Ones". Is is also good for your lungs... Hmm, I'm just thinking ... maybe these little dragonballz are called "Fruit of the Enlightened Ones" because maybe they're good at clearing out obstructions for breathing meditations such as Anapanasati? Just a thought.
  4. 4 or 5 elements are commonly known in numerous traditions, however from reading translations of the Pali Suttas, these texts do mention 2 additional elements: Vinnana-dhatu (the element of consciousness); and Nibbana-dhatu (the element of ..... however you want to translate this ..... I dont know if this is a worthy translation, but I like "uncreated", because the other elements have a beginning and depend on something for their existence and therefore potentially have an end). ie. Consciousness depends on "Name & Form" ... which I would understand as meaning duality (also translated as "Mental & Physical Existence" ... but I'm not sure if that translation is too materialistic). And if I understand it correctly, space(akasha) depends on consciousness. Sounds like the quantum physics idea of "things" depending on an observer for them appear ... ie. space may also depend on an observer. Pretty trippy. Of course it is also possible that these 2 additional elements are just called elements as a figure of speech when talking about abstract "stuff".
  5. Hiya, I am interested in practices for protection & longevity which would allow one to be around long enough in one existence to understand & walk the entire path to the uncreated & help others to do the same. I am interested in Qigong & Yoga that focuses along the spine & helps achieve comfortable full-lotus sitting meditation (eg. Zhineng, White Crane). I am interested in sacrificing my psychological defects for virtues. I am interested in understanding the details of the 16 stages of Anapanasati. I am interested in understanding the experience of the 4 Jhanas. I am interested in understanding objective changes that take place with spiritual practices & how one can use objective changes to assess & progress in spiritual practices. I am interested in understanding the roles of the 7 elements (solid, liquid, gas, heat, space/akasha/ether, light-of-consciousness, uncreated (Nibbana-dhatu)) in practices of Qigong, Neigong, impermancence (eg. White Skeleton) & Samadhi. I am interested in achieving clear vision of the cultivation path ahead & knowledge of consequences of actions so as to make right actions for progress on the path to the uncreated. With friendship, deepchild.