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  1. So many qigong systems!

    Mythmaker: I had a teacher once who answered when asked about his vast knowledge on such a variety of topics: "I read a little bit of everything and meditate alot on the little I read. " (paraphrase) I tend to agree with you on this one. Until you've fought through your successes and failures, likes and dislikes of a system and achieved some level of mastery you only add to the confusion by incorporating other systems. Maybe some people have success with this approach but I know that the human tendency is to do only those practices that we like to do and as such we end up losing out on many of the benefits of those practices we shun. Just my 2.
  2. Echoing Hello...

    Sean, I studied with a group called the Ausar Auset Society based out of New York. The leader of the group is a guy named Ra Amen who's authored a few books most notably a book called Metu Neter which translates as "word of God". The tradition has its lineage in ancient Egypt, but as stated is a veritable melting-pot of teachings ranging from Tree of Life study to TCM. Monthly full moon rituals typically focused on development of the virtues of one of the spheres through ecstatic trance, visualization, bija, and dance. It was actually a very very cool experience. Most notably because the group exists as a quasi-nation within a nation (ie. this little cult within the US that has it's own temples and political hierarchy and customs which allow it to exist as an organized cultural phenomena within a crazy country like the one we live in (not many followers though as the social sacrifices are pretty extreme). -- kind of an oasis in the desert if you will.) Anyways, I learned alot, but ultimately had to walk the path of self discovery as a solo-practictioner; knowing that after a 2 year layoff that all I had to do was put the intention out there once again (and cut back on smoking bud and drinking beer and tossing to porn LOL) and I would be guided. As for the diagram I've never seen it before. I'm used to the traditional tree with the 3 trinities which clearly correspond to the 3 dantiens. Although in the tree I studied I would say that wuji was represented by zero above the top sphere (sphere one) and 10 was represented below 9 as symbol of the gross physical manifested piece of the pie. I'm seeing alot of posts (yeah I'm a hardcore lurker) and have been searching for years for a physical regimen suited to my personality. I really hate the gym although I have a membership and would love to get into something that can keep me flexible, trim and that incorporates the mind (in some way shape or form). Lots of commentary on Sonnen's system and others but looking for recommendations. I like to run but it's not the most practical choice for me. Anything I can do in the house in 30 minutes a day sounds right to me. I envy you 3 hour a day practitioners of any goddamm thing. God bless you! Any comments appreciated. -kc
  3. Echoing Hello...

    Hello all, my name is Kevin. I'm 36 and live in Atlanta. I greatly appreciate Sean's efforts and the efforts of those of you who maintain this site's integrity. The information and the fellowship are both priceless as spiritual pursuit can be a lonely path at times. Background on me: Originally from Los Angeles. Lived 10 years in the Bay Area. Studied a kabbalistic ritual and cosmological system that incorporated daoism but only scratched the surface of energy work. The emphasis was more on moral development and behavior modification as the keys to social change. I Ching and BaGua study as well as yoga, fasting, veganism and regular meditation and group rituals were my lifestyle for 12 years. I moved on from my studies there a few years ago and recently (over the past 6 months) decided to pursue the energy work solo, but truth is I'm not a solo cultivator at heart. I love people and would probably live in a commune of some sort with my wife and kid as long as I could have my laptop, PS2, cell phone and a high-def big screen (it wouldn't hurt if it were near a beach either). I guess I'm the consummate eco-techno wannabe (Hey, I think I'm gonna buy a hybrid next. Damn, I never thought I'd say that) . Anyway, Winn is just a 4 hour drive from me so I've decided to go with his products instead of Chia's although I've read Chia and Yudelove's stuff and incorporated some of it. Skipped over Winn's CKF1&2 and bought 3&4 to get into the internal chi breathing and bone work. So far I'm really digging it. Looking forward to the fusion work but wanna really get the grounding stuff down first. (Somebody mentioned in another post that they thought that daoism wasn't a good option for dealing with emotions... I'm curious about that comment since I thought that's what fusion was all about) and if anyone would like to chime in on it... please do, or point me to the proper thread.) Good thing is I've been rushing shyt for years and for some reason I'm clear that this is a process I can't really rush. So, long story too long, I look forward to learning from all of you and sharing with you anything of mine that might help you along on your collective process. Peace be with you. -kevin