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  1. I probably don't belong here.........

    I wish I could make this whole experience into a movie , using a load of computer graphics and that will be so awesome. I will check those links out. Do The Tao Bums here come from normal plane like the rest of us? W
  2. I probably don't belong here.........

    [quote] YEAH, Tell us, Tell us!!!!!!!!!!! W
  3. I probably don't belong here.........

    Mal, All I can say is WOW!! very fascinating.... super cool Links!! What does it meant to 'to Attain the small heavenly orbit"? I know it is the same as MCO. To attain is to reach a goal - of what? i thought these were a set of energy moving excercises that you just keep doing and you see the effects in your life slowly over time?? W [quote] THanks for your comment, Darin! That's a good way to put it! Your quote is Profound but funny! do please read my other reply about , 'what is there to attain in MCO'? Is it not a slow process? in the 'enter the dragon ' website, there are studies by a teacher where he talks about his experiences teaching students MCO. How can one measure the success when somebody is only learning for a few days? Would you be able to comment on that? W
  4. I probably don't belong here.........

    Dear Mal, What a relief to hear from here!! I am thrilled, I will be checking out the links you sent me. Thank You for the response!! You have any suggestions how to regulate or control or deal with the kundalini other than MCO? Appreciate it, W
  5. I probably don't belong here.........

    Hi!! Here is my sad story....or rather aggravating story. I am Reiki 2. Just got dragged into the spiritual path , in the recent year. I hear meditation is an essential and basic excercise for any kind of development. These days when I attempt to sit down and 'meditate', I feel this urge to tense my lower back area and 'energy' or a 'feeling' shoots up. I feel I have to do it again and again. It's annoying!!!!!!!!!! I just want to get that 'feeling' out of my way so I can settle down and relax. I am so tired of jumping forums looking for answers and I don't. A reiki forum member suggested I try MCO. Further help was not available. So I read Diane Stein's (Essentials... ) , I kind of get it but don't. The first time I tried, I had to go to the bathroom. I am not sure if I am doing it right. So I ended up here, looking for answers. This is the only place, there is any mention of MCO. Today I bumped into somebody who practices MCO and we didn't have much time to talk but he warned me not to follow a book and do MCO. I need to learn it from a professional. I am reaching a point where I want to walk away from learning this. But my problem still won't be solved. so, There! W