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  1. Please unsubscribe me from this form. I think at this time the forum will not serve me well. There is turbulence here and imbalance. Thanks, maybe I might check back one day. Happy holiday to you all
  2. Open Letter To Tao Bums About Mak Tin Si

    I agree with this statement. It seems that most of what is posted by him is available anywhere on the web if you look enough. He does not explain how to or the nuances of his practice. Even after reading his posts I do not feel as if I have any information or techniques for improving the quality of my life. Sounds like an arm chair quarterback to me. Just my opinion
  3. Taoists Don't Eat SPAM!

    For three hundred bucks I can sell you a Fu for Spam, I beleive in Chinese its called a Fuk Spam Fu. You place it in an envelope with some spam and then wear it around your neck. That's how WE Daoists do it........
  4. Terminology in Taoism - FAAT

    More red flags,.............
  5. Five elements

    I never mentioned Ba Gua or the chronological aspect of yin/ yang, Ba Gua, or Wu xing (five elements). You blow smoke to cover your words and jump to another topic / issue. More red flags....................
  6. Five elements

    Your an idiot...................
  7. Cycle of YIN and YANG in a day

    My teachings are contrary to what mak tin si says and are more inline with fivelementtao. As long as there is a harmony between the Yin and the Yang we should be healthy. And as for 9:00 - 11:00 P.M, this is San Jiao or triple Burner, and this is Yang, no? I would also like to see you say that your words reflect your teachings and are not absolute.
  8. Five elements

    I think you blur the relationship between Yin/Yang and the five elements. May I ask what the planets have to do with understanding five elements? I don't want to be confrontational, however I must admit something about your words set off red flags for me. I hope I am wrong.........
  9. Cycle of YIN and YANG in a day

    mak tin si - When the sun rise, the YANG energy began to build.. until at night the moon comes out, YIN energy starts. **************** This is an incorrect statement.
  10. Hello Folks

    Hello Folks, I am interested in finding acurate information concerning the Dao and the practice of Daoism. I must be honest and say I think there is a enormous amount of trash out there and very little truth. And I disagree with most of what I see here as well, some stand out more than others as real garbage. However, I will try and hold my tongue (most times). And I will try and contribute when I can, based on my experience and learning. Be well, Makoto