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  1. The True Taoism?

  2. Introducing the Taoism def. of Ghost

    Dear Taomeow, Well said! Peace, gossamer
  3. Might there be any Linux users here? I use the 'Hardy Heron' Ubuntu Operating System, and I'm 99% certain that I have a keylogger hidden in my computer, likely (hidden) in the BIOS. Is there anyone here who might be willing to help me with this? Thank you so much. Peace, gossamer
  4. To Mal

    Dear Mal, This will be my last post about this subject because it's negative and dark. This past August, I bought a Linux computer with Ubuntu on it, thinking that it MIGHT beat this guy at his own game. If I had it do all over again, I would've bought an older MacIntosh computer, one BEFORE they got the chip in them. Macs before about 4 years ago were hell to hack, I know this, because I had one for nine months. Linux is OK, and the 'Hardy Heron' Operating System is kool, but the older Macs, with the old Tiger OS in them, BEFORE they used computer chips, were really great computers! But I was taken with the Linux advertisement, and went that way instead. It's been trouble since DAY 1. Take it from me, the older Macs are the BEST computers made, and they are almost impossible to hack. I've reformatted this present computer 4 times lately, trying to clean it up. The keylogger is hidden in the BIOS, and I don't know a way to 'flash' it, because it's been "fixed" to stop at a certain point in the flashing process, and will NOT finish it. I have a BIOS disk that supposed to do the whole process of 'flashing'. This was done by by the Crow man. If you have any ideas about how to clean up this PC, I'd be happy to listen. Thanks. Peace, gossamer
  5. To Mal

    OK Mal, here's this mornings message right here at 'Tao bums' when I tried to reply to yesterdays thread: "The error returned was: Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that topic. Please make sure you have registered, validated your email address and posted an introduction in The Lobby for full access." Now this doesn't have a damn thing to do WITH MY COMPUTER. Further, here's my e-mail account that he hacked and took over yesterday, because it contained my information about 'Tao Bums Forum': [email protected] Here's the password: 7DX%#&*[email protected] Just try to open it, YOU CAN'T, because he changed the PASSWORD on it. Peace, gossamer