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  1. Why Taoism is different

    Nothing is different...All is all that there is... there can be nothing outside of all that is. Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Shamanism, etc. are all within all that is.... just facets of the same gem. all things are mental all things exhibit correspondence... as above, so below all things vibrate all things exhibit polarity all things exhibit rhythm all things are subject to cause and effect all things exhibit gender We follow the path (facet) that resonates within us.
  2. cosmic heart spiral of love and shengzhen

    Jampa was/is a student of Mantak Chia and currently running Healing Tao Institute in Austin. As a former student, I can only say that he is great teacher. I also was a student of Master Li... also a great teacher!!
  3. Obama's birth certificate

    Actually, he is a secret Taoist.
  4. ni hao!

    just stumbled across this forum and had to jump in... I am a doctor of oriental medicine practicing in Florida and teach tai qi and qi gong as well. cheers, longbai