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  1. Ideagasms

    My experience as a squirting woman: When I first started having sex, I didn't know how to have an orgasm, so I got some books, like the Hyte Report for Women and The Joy of Sex and the like. I learned about both kinds of orgams in these books and how to attain them. The clitoral one was fairly straight forward and then eventually the other one came along without much trying. I just had to find the right angle to situate my pelvis during intercourse and depending on the curvature of my current boyfriends penis, sometimes it was harder to find and other times it required almost no work on my part. I read somewhere that 75% of women have G-spot orgasms, it doesn't sound to me like they are rare. I've also had the dehydration issue but only with the hand method taught in the videos mentioned here. If I just have the orgasms during intercourse, I am not forcing all this fluid out continuously, and the problem doesn't exist.
  2. I am new too

    I am new here, I came because I saw someone ask a question about squirting women and I am one of those, so I wanted to answer his question. Thanks!