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  1. Just Be Happy

    This is so adorable I love it. But somtimes I wonder, maybe trees and animals do feel unhappy somtimes?? I mean animals can get depressed, or do you think it has to do with being around us, trapping them in cages? Recently I was discussing with a few men about happiness, and I said how I felt children are happier most of the time than adults because we are so focused on so many things and usually cant learn to live in the moment. They somehow convinced me I am wrong and thats why I am so glad I read this article because I remember that again. Simplicity. Also, I was feeling quite bad yesterday, I was at a conference and everyone seemed so wise and smart, older and more sofisticated with their fancy clothing and bitchy attitudes. Reading these messages made me feel better, and I stopped thinking so many depressing thoughts. Somtimes, even the best of us need to remember to slow down and just be happy. Thank you.
  2. New member

    Hi! Im new too, where r u from? How did u get into taoism?
  3. New from BC Canada

    Thanks you guys, that helps -em
  4. New from BC Canada

    Hey everyone, Im new, my name is Emily and I'm from Canada. I am also wondering if anyone knows if Starwars was really supposed to be a Taoism thing or if it's just a coincidence. Also, I think the name Tao bums is really funny and I had to join just because of that.