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  1. What Bothers Me About Philosophical Daoism

    I'm a philosophical Daoist, but I'm not Atheist. How are those two so different that you could not be philosophical Daoist and believe in Dao? Lao Tzu was also a philosophical one and he believed in a higher power which he named "Dao". Religious Daoism came later, at the Han Dynasty.
  2. What is the best martial arts?

    it depends a lot about those who practice martial arts. If someone practice just for sports and fun I could think they aren't able to become so good martial artists as those who practice martial arts for self-defence purposes because most likely they don't practice so strictly (more likely they are to skip lessons, because they aren't so interested in mastering the techniques). I myself practice a Korean martial art called Hoi Jeon Moo Sool. Really enjoy it. I do practice it for self-defence purposes. And I'm not going to tell it's the best martial art because there ain't no BEST martial art. The differences just are in those who practice martial arts.
  3. Ninja's are cool

    Dude, what on earth is this?? Well at least that was a funny page. And btw those ninjas of yours ain't ninjas. A ninja would have not ever let himself be indentified. Lol
  4. Doomsday 2012

    Another way to scare people. Impressive, yes; but do I believe in it? No. Probably because when I was a kid I was told to use my brains and think twice or more and then make decicions of what I believe in. Yeah, I've seen a program about doomsday. And that would happen 21 december 2012 and also have read about it from internet. Very impressive but I still think it's only a way to fool people. But still that planet Earth would be destroyed probably in 100 years is very possible taking into account wars and pollution etc.
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. - Lao Tzu When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. - Lao Tzu
  6. Nimen hao.

    Thank you. Mostly with honey. Sometimes it's nice to have a little of coffeecream in it. Though now someone may saythat that's not tea, tea is supposed to be drinked without adding any stuff into it. ;D
  7. Hi. I've been curious for a long time about can non-chinese people become taoist monks in China? And especially in monastries where monks practice martial arts? At least I know this is possible in buddhist monastries. I didn't find a lot of information about the topic so if anyone would have any information about that I would be very happy.
  8. Nimen hao.

    Hi everyone. I'm a new user here. I've been studying taoist philosophy for 2 years now. I also love martial arts very much.