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  1. Kunlun Forum - New launched

    Hi Jazz: Thanks for setting up the website. There is a definate need for Arizona to be included in the states that want meetings. The Sedona and Prescott areas are interested in practicing. Please let me know what an administrator does. I might be able to help. Thanks
  2. Hello from Sedona

    Sounds like good advice. Thanks much for the assistance.
  3. Hello from Sedona

    Hello. I live in Sedona and have learned Kunlun from 2 attendees at Max's last class here and from the book. I'm looking forward to the next class so I can learn directly from Max. But in the meantime, I practice K1 every day for an hour. I just learned about Red Phoenix and have do that for 2 days now. My questions is about the Red Phoenix in conjunction with K1. Is it recommended to do it before or after the K1? And are there are suggestions as to how many times a month to do it, like the Red Sun? (The book says to only do Red Sun twice a month.) Thank you for any help or insights.