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    haha...I agree Cat, very good picture to make us smile. thank you. glad to be here.
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    Thank you DarinHamel, your kindness is greatly appreciated! prophetseven
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    Hello DarinHamel, Yes, basically reading whatever I can find, and whatever anyone has been sharing w/me. I take notes and keep them to reflect upon and compare in notebooks. hehe. Actually, no I have not, but this is the second time I have been told about that book. I will search for it. THX!! Thank you very much. prophetseven
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    Sure! I'm sure that will work. LOL THX Yoda!!
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    Thx Stig, However you like yours.
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    Hello All. My name is prophetseven. I am from Houston, TX. I am extremely new to this site and very open to all things, ideas, and suggestions. Currently, I am a student of Chen Taijiquan. I have been practicing for almost four years now. The extent of my knowledge of Taoism is very limited, basically what I have picked up from several close friends that are self proclaimed Taoists. I have researched on my own on the web, and picked up a few books here and there. Thus far I've read "Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching", "The Seven Taoist Masters", "Tales of the Taoist Immortals", "The Magus of Java", "The Magus of Strovolos", "Opening the Dragon's Gate, and the most recent one being the one I'm reading now, "The Shambhala Guide to Taoism". I've also "read" several of Mantak Chia's books. As you can see, I am very green. Any suggested reading or anything in general would be appreciated. I am basically here to find a community of likeminded individuals, learn what I can, meet some more interesting people, and make friends in the process. Thank you for your time. Peace and Respect prophetseven