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  1. Religion or a Philosophy?

    The masters say we are reborn? when you refer to "masters" would that also include the guy... uhhh he started Taoism lol I cant remember his name but did he teach "Rebirth" ? if he did why do so many not believe it? I got another question: I have heard refferred many times stuff like Shamanism, and Magic and such.... why? Would Taoism be more like Witchcraft to the Wicca? not a belief but a practice instead?
  2. Religion or a Philosophy?

    hmm Interesting so its not really a religion? then why become Enlightened? Do Taoists believe in rebirth? cuz the only time I hear of someone trying to attain enlightenment is to break the cycle of rebirths? If Taoists believe in rebirths wouldn't that be a fairly religious trait?
  3. My question is this.... what is Taoism? is it a Philosophy? is it a Religion? Does Taoism have it own idea of Enlightenment? or is Enlightenment nothing strived for in Taoism? You meditate.. for what?
  4. Good Sites?

    What? no takers?
  5. Good Sites?

    I was wondering if you guys could give me some links to some good sights to learn about, Taoism and how to practice it and such
  6. Hello :)

    Hey guys! whats up? My names INsearch why? cuz I am in search lol I really enjoy the idea of Buddhism but I also have a pull towards Daoism I hope to learn allot from you guys also I am hoping that I can soon start following this path