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  1. Taoist Levitation

    but you know what.. forget i even posted anything. All of this has nothing to do with meditation and tao practice. I wanted to share some ideas to people similar interest on this forum. Not debate on how people should be speaking and posting. This will be my last post. I'm sorry i even bothered...
  2. Taoist Levitation

    your response of "Jeez... I know you are.." sounded sarcastic. and when you say "Non sense..." how is that not offensive? That's like my second post on this forum. I can see this kind of attitude in other forums. But in a taoist forum where people are supposed to be spiritual and kind with their words...? It's easy for the person speaking to criticize the listener of being easily offended, until the same criticism is reflected back to the speaker. Why else would it bother you that i was offended? Hitler had the best intentions for the world to create the perfect order. And yet his actions and words still cause offense and hurt to people. Intention without wisdom, right speech and right action means very little in the eyes of karma.
  3. Taoist Levitation

  4. Taoist Levitation

    lol i know huh
  5. Taoist Levitation

    there is also the connection between Ying energy and mass reduction. Many japanese scientist refer to Ying energy as "Spirit Energy" or Rei-ki. The energy that is emitted from ghost and spirits. I'm not surprised that Sifu Chang said that mastering Ying chi is the key to the spirit world. It is commonly believed in japan that when one dies, the mass/weight of one's body actually increases. This is caused by the absence of the spirit energy which leaves the body at death. The spirit energy while in the body subtracts the body's actual weight cause it's literally anti-mass/weight.
  6. Taoist Levitation

    and how is it I'm talking crap?? and who decides when respect and manners are appropriate? I'm sure people 1000 years ago thought those who believe the earth was round was talking crap and they burn them at the stake for it. It that what you mean by appropriate? Why are we here then if not to engage in ideas and walk on the path to enlightenment? should respect and manners be an exclusive concept to those who "deserve it?"
  7. Taoist Levitation

    It's called inertial mass displacement. If you're not familiar with quantum physics, it WOULD be non-sense to you. All matter project a gravity field. In QP, this gravity field is considered positive energy. Positive energy warps the space/time surrounding the object. Which is what gives it mass/weight. Negative energy on the other hand has the reverse effect. If an object emits or projects negative energy, it warps in the space/time in the opposite effect of reducing its mass/weight. But the reduction in mass does not effect the object itself. It is only when measured by an outside observer that it would seem like the object is getting lighter. But if the object were to measure itself within the bubble/field, it would detect no change in mass. Man, i thought people on this forum would have the same respect and manners as the buddhist forums....
  8. Taoist Levitation

    i'm talking about an air bubble surrounding the object, not in the object but that's just an analogy
  9. Taoist Levitation

    there's an old theory in quantum physics that gravity is positive energy and anti-gravity is "negative energy" and that the secret to hover cars and hover crafts lie in the invention of a "negative energy generator" When one pulls energy from empty vaccuum, the result is a field of negative energy. The idea is that if one can generate a bubble of negative energy around an object, it can actually reduce the mass and weight of that object in comparison to the outside universe. The object's weight would remain the same within the bubble. So maybe Yin energy is this so called "negative energy" And those yogins who can fly simply created a field of Yin energy around them making them lighter than the weight of air. It's like if you can create an air bubble intense enough to wrap around person underwater without it popping, technically it can create a boyancy effect that can carry the person up to the surface of the water..
  10. Buddhism and Taoism....

    I have been practising and studying theravadin buddhism for the past ten years and have been working on the jhanas for 2 years. There are many similarities in the concept of the dan tian system and the jhanics systems. For anyone who doesn't know about the jhanas, they are terms for the 8 stages of meditative absorptions that all meditators will eventually find. The buddha traversed through the first 4 jhanas and having arrived at the 4th, he attained the 3 abilities that made him the buddha. They are 1. the ability to see into his past lives, 2. the ability to see into the past and future lives of all beings, 3. the ability to see into the causality of birth and rebirth. It's interesting as I am reading through these forums how much parallels i can find. the method of neikung involves condensing, storing, and solidiying one's yang energy into the dan tien and dropping it into the Yin regions of the body (the tail bone I think) which creates the kinetic energy that can manifest. the jhanas work like this the meditator focuses on the breath until a feeling of tingling, or warmth appears in the body. One then turns the focus onto these mildly pleasant feelings until they expand and expand and pulls the mind completely inward into a state of rapture and ecstasy. This would be the first jhana. One then separates the physical feeling of rapture with the emotional feeling of joy that comes with rapture and focuses on that joy until joy takes over the rapture and become self-sustaining. This is the 2nd jhana. One then calms the joy down and focuses on the feeling of contentment and tranquility that arises from joy until the contentment and tranquility becomes self-sustaining. This is the 3rd jhana. Then one drops this feeling of contentment and all feelings and perception and sink into a state of neutrality and complete stillness, where pleasure and pain no longer exist. This is the 4th jhana. And it is in this 4th jhana that the mind is , "bright, pliable, flexible, sharp and completely unified" that the meditator can use to "See" into the nature of all things. It is said that most supernatural abilities comes from the mastery of the 4th jhana. I wonder if the process of the jhanas work the same way as the perfection of the ying and yang chi?
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