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  1. Wang Liping Seminar Complaints

    hello everyone, i am not very eager to post on this forum (cause of flaming, personal or general insulting, vast speculations, gossip etc.) . this time though i would like to share a few things, and i am suggesting take what you feel has value to you and leave the things that have no meaning to you. i went last year as a student to qinling (as she is one of the 3 official instructors (teacher is Master Wang) of LMP) to study LMP all the way to china, without knowing what i would learn. not knowing what the value would be, but ready to dish out quite a lot of money (in my personal financial state back then). all my training with qinling was personalized, and everything i did, and was capable of grasping and internalizing had an effect on the next day of training. and it was worth every second and every penny i spent, and i am very grateful for that opportunity. when i saw that kathy li, who is the third official instructor for LMP, and she lives in atlanta, which is only a few hours from new york, is going to hold a seminar i was very excited. the price was very reasonable, and hotel was good. all the participants open-minded. i had a feeling that in 3 days we wouldnt be able to cover to much material (i rather practice anyway), maybe not even anything i hadnt heard of yet, since i trained for 10 days with qinling. the seminar was great, for the fact, that it was the first seminar held in the US, it was the first one where master wang agreed on having a video conference call with each participant directly, the first one that kathy li was holding, and the first seminar in LMP for many participants. i think kathy li did a great job, i want to thank her for that. if i had known that i was flying to atlanta for 2x5 minutes with master wang face to face, and i can ask any question in the world, i would have done that as well. but it was more than that. i met amazing like-minded people in the daoist mindset. i met kathy li and her husband who are long time students of master wang and i got a boost for my own practice, through the group exercises/the time in nature. i find it fairly amusing, when people that have not attended the seminar are complaining about the seminar, based on the opinion that "a few people" had, who supposedly attended the seminar. i dont see any problem or shame that the person/people who didnt feel that they got out of the seminar what they were looking for (what they thought will be taught), express that directly to kathy li. as she said she is open for a conversation. on the point of exercises based onthe personal level: i personally believe that being able to sit still, with an erect spine for at least half hour (of course the longer the better), is one of first stepstones, to starting to practice any other exercise that were thought there. accumulating all the knowledge about all exercises and when not being able to sit long enough to practice it, i dont quite see the sense in that. thats again just my opinion. thanks to all the participants and kathyli for the seminar, looking forward to see more of those. asil
  2. concious about the tao

    hi everyone, it all started for me about half a year ago, when i was searching on youtube for videos of (power of) chi demostrations. and many were very impressive but all the type of shaolin and martial arts. but seeing the video of john chang, totally knocked me off. I was so impressed i started researching, and one thing lead to the other. i found the magus of java, and david verdesi, and his student sean denty (who is a member here) and i found master wang liping of the dragon gate school, and also got in touch with other students of his. first of all thanks for the input and the time you guys took to create this forum and allow the exchange of information and make it available. second i am looking forward to my contribution and what the future will bring for me. Pleasure to meet you all. Asil