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  1. Impressions

    well that is sort of interesting. Being asked to introduce oneself to a new forum, and not one person bothering to respond, with a welcome or acknowledgment, to this hello and introduction. Well hello lalalo, whoever you are, whoever you arent, welcome and enjoy your stay.
  2. Immortality and Youth techniques

    I am new to this forum but was wondering if anyone here has experimented with various breathing techniques regarding this issue. I have myself, but it being outside a taught practise and I am reluctant to talk openly about it, as it could be messing around with energies that need to be understood more. It was in the line of meditation and just being, where one was flowing with this moment in such a way that the breath didn't feel like it had the time to be breathed in, nor the time to be breathed out. Breathing happened somewhat but it changed and gave interesting results. It did give rise to energy that perhaps needs to be understood. I also feel that if breathing changes then ones body is going to utilize other ways of obtaining energy from its energy stores without the usual use of O2. This can lead to acidosis issues, which can be dangerous. I am curious if anyone here has explored this stuff that perhaps I am not describing to well. Or perhaps know of someone I could speak frankly with regarding this issue. lalalo
  3. Impressions

    Hello all, I am not sure what has brought me here to this forum. My understanding of the word Tao is no understanding. It is being with being. This movement of being. I have always thought at least, this is the meaning of Tao. I think this is why, when this particular forum was brought to my attention, I have found my way here. This movement that I am describing is not just a movement that I feel that I, from a fixed position can be aware of. My fixed position is not seperate from this movement. I dare say i am learning about the significance, the extraodinary reality of this description, and to do so with others who are also one with this movement. lalalo