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  1. My take on the 'Taoist Cannon'

    thank you gossamer, i particularly like the Henricks Translation of the Tao Te Ching, the one based on the Ma Huang Ti texts that were found in those famous burial mounds. In terms of Chuang Tzu, I like Thomas Cleary's essential Tao version. While I don't like his version of the Tao Te Ching, I do like the way he interprets the Chuang Tzu. Both are in that book. Thank you for the website links, I will look at them later. Please share with me your experiences and insights in Tao.
  2. My take on the 'Taoist Cannon'

    I guess that's the beauty of Tao Jia, you find your own way to serenity and insight.
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    I am a walking library of Philosophical quotes, I am glad someone made a topic like this. Here are my favorites: The way of heaven has no favorites, it's always with the good man- lao tzu those who are good do not have a lot, and those who have a lot are not good- lao tzu i shall endure harsh words, as the elephant in battle endures arrows, for most people behave poorly- the Buddha One is best punished for his virtues- Nietzsche The crime we have against criminals is that we treat them like scoundrels- Nietzsche The Poor Man needs to walk to get meat for his stomach, the Rich Man needs to walk to get a stomach for his meat- Benjamin Franklin Showing respect to your superiors is duty, to your peers, courtesy, to your inferiors, nobleness.- Benjamin Franklin
  4. Hello everyone, I have been a taoist philosopher for a long time, maybe ten years (i'm only 30), and as far as I was told, the only three necessary books are "Tao Te Ching' of which I have several good copies, 'Chuang Tzu's Inner Chapters' my favorite, and the Lieh Tzu. That's it, three books. I have a simple question: Where do you draw the line between something which is central to the concept of Tao Jia (Philosophical Taoism) and something that isn't? I know about the I Ching (it's strange, lao tzu warned against trying to predict the future, yet both books have endured in popularity (Tao Te Ching and the I Ching). I also know several good books such as Scholar Warrior and the Shambhala Classics. My feeling is that a lot of these books being talked about on this forum are not necessary, just like all the different types of Physical Yoga are unnecessary. Any type of yoga that involves postures and breathing techniques is Hatha Yoga. What is the difference between kundalini yoga and ashtanga? Very little. What I am saying is, the Tao Bums seem to overcomplicate the Taoist experience. I think if one is interested in Tao, read a little bit every day from whatever book gives you insight and find the answers through introspection and observation.
  5. Hello, I live on long island new york, and I have been practicing Tao for many years, in fact, I am an acupuncturist, which is how I got onto taoist thought to begin with. i feel rather lonely, and I wonder how I can meet others who practice Tao on long island. Have any suggestions about how to go about finding others and networking?
  6. I am a lonesome solitary daoist practitioner......

    good to see some my fellow posters have a good sense of humor! I am happy to be on this forum, Tao is such a big part of my life, and I am dying to share my ideas with others thanks for welcoming me
  7. hello everybody. I have used this forum before under a different name and I had to flee in shame and disgrace. So I figure, why not try a second time? I am a licensed acupuncturist and I read Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, and Lieh Tzu incessantly, as well as practice a taoist lifestyle. I live in new york and I hope to find others like me. In any case, hello everybody.