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  1. Looking for a C.K Teacher in Asia

    Thank you everybody for the information. Now its a matter of researching each and every master to see if there is a fit. I'm planning on training hard and soft MA styles but again very much like to learn from a qualified healer and chi kung master to round off my training . Sifu Yu Yong nian seems like a very interesting master. I've done some research into the Standing Meditation as it relates to cultivating energy. I will be in Bali and Java as well, any Silat masters that may be of interest to me while I'm there. Thank you again. ch.p
  2. Looking for a C.K Teacher in Asia

    I deeply appreciate the information. I'll be in Phuket for 3-4 months using it as a base to travel throughout Asia. Will be there in Jan 09. Thank you kindly,
  3. I would be pleased if someone would be kind enough to recommend a seasoned and compassionate chi kung teacher in Asia that I could learn from. I will be traveling throughout Asia, training various martial arts but more interested in developing the internal skills. I will be in Thailand, China, Taiwan,Vietnam and Indonesia. Thank you kindly. Ch.p
  4. Cultivate Peace and love

    My dear fellow travelers, Looking forward to learning from all of you.