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  1. Energy Problem

    The problem is when I try to ground the energy or move it from MY head ,My eyes tear up ,I see wierd things ,sometimes they reden ,I go into a weird trance with a lot of hullinaticing lucid dreaming .
  2. Energy Problem

    Well I h;t doing any have energy moving in MY head which I read to be dangerous ,I wasnt doing any practice hardcore ,a lot of brainawve visualisation ,inner smile ,chakras ,accupoints .Now I feel energy moving in my body all day ,My throat is blocked always sore and enrgy moves in my head whenever i touch it. help would be appreciated.
  3. Hello

    Hello everyone excited about joining this place ,not much from chi kung ,did some accupressure ,accuputunture some new age shit ,ran into problems dealing with energy that I wouuld love to get some help in .Also I Am intrested to start the glenn morris KAP system after I get MY energy shit togother . Thanks everyone