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  1. I think if recollections of orgasm do not work for you, "meditative bliss" is better. The idea is expansive, ecstatic feelings, not so much lust etc. - could be a meditative experience, jumping out of a plane, a drug experience, whatever takes you there, makes you tingle, gets the juice flowing. Way
  2. Long Distance KUNDALINI KAP Training through Skype

    You can go straight on from level one to level two, but I would say that it would help if you have pretty much digested level one and have a good foundation of practice. There is a lot in level two and speaking for myself, I'm glad to have a break before the next level. It all falls into place though - integration is the key, but it can take a little while to integrate. way
  3. Long Distance KUNDALINI KAP Training through Skype

    Cool. What about getting banned in china then? It's probably because the word "Tibetan" is mentioned somewhere on the sites.
  4. Long Distance KUNDALINI KAP Training through Skype

    Hey Santi - I know there will be KAP3 later in ther year - do you have a list of topics covered in KAP3? Way
  5. I have been trying to think of a way to tell you how to "tune in", and I have found it a bit difficult. But as no one else has answered, I'll have a go. I suppose it depends on what your normal practice is, but basically I would suggest that at the end of what ever practice you do to get your own energy open and flowing, still your mind and just "tune in". For example, you could visualize Doc Morris in your presence, hear his voice, feel his energy - speak to him. - Same with Santi. I hope this is some little help. Way When I see him in my meditations, he usually does something outrageous to make me laugh. I don't know if it is always really him or my imagination - but it works for me. Way
  6. Wow - quite a blast this morning! I will definitely tune in again later.
  7. ramtha any opinions?

    The only time that I have come across her / him was in "What the Bleep". She / He just made me cringe. And if you have seen "What the bleep", you will know that Ramtha smokes a pipe - not sure if he smokes lemurian tobacco though!
  8. .

    Thank you for sharing that. Way

    Ahhh......Spring at last.....ummmm, just love it! Actually, I was wondering, and maybe Mal can answer this if he reads it, but when it's the Spring Equinox in the northen hemishpere, is it the Autum Equinox in the southern hemishpere?
  10. Green and Blacks rule!!! I already have a secret club - but I can't tell you about it - well if I did, I'd have to charge you........Oh, that would be bad. OK, I'll give you a hint. It involves sock puppets.................
  11. I used to love Lambchop when I was a kid. Mind you it was all black and white then!
  12. Anyone here old enough to remember "Lambchop"?
  13. Anyone know what a sock puppet is?