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  1. Tibetan Empty Force Master Tzun Tzun Hsue

    I asked Master Hsue about names of other masters who had given tung chi. He told me P.S. Yu who had taught in San Francisco. This is Professor Peng-Si Yu and he died in 1983. Master Hsue said that he had students and friends who studied with P.S. Yu. Master Hsue said he did not study with him but that he shared information with P.S. Yu and P.S. Yu told him that he traveled to Tibet and spent two years there to relearn the method. Master Hsue thinks that tung chi originated from Tibet. Master Hsue said that P.S. Yu was a good man. P.S. Yu charged $10,000 for the tung chi process. Master Hsue said that empty force is something to help improve the desire to heal and martial arts. Master Hsue said that P.S. Yu had some research done on him. He could get his heart rate and brain wave and blood pressure to attune to his breath. They measured it at 4 breaths a minute. I found a link that talks about Professor Peng-Si Yu. It was on Doc Fai Wong's website. http://plumblossom.net/Articles/Inside_Kung-Fu/Sept2003/index.html
  2. Tibetan Empty Force Master Tzun Tzun Hsue

    The levels are given over a couple of years so it isn't like you are paying for them all at once. It is also offered to distant students. It would be interesting to find out if Paul Dong or the names of other masters that actually offer tung chi to distant students and if they do it for free. Most teachers who do give tung chi probably never mention it except to their students who have been with them for a long time. Tung chi opens your energy system and moves the energy down to the dan tien. I had been practicing standing qigong for several years and I had energy stuck in my upper abdomen. Master Hsue during tung chi moved it down to the dan tien. You can probably practice techniques for years from a book but if you don't really have the energy in the dan tien I don't think you will develop as much as you could. I think you need a master who can look at you and see how your energy is moving and open up the blockages and move it to where it is supposed to be.
  3. Tibetan Empty Force Master Tzun Tzun Hsue

    Lifeforce, Do you know if Paul Dong does the tung chi or punching through process? Master Hsue told me that he knew of one Chinese master who did tung chi and he taught it one stage. Master Hsue does it the Tibetan way in three stages. After speaking with Master Hsue I guess the punching though process helps in building the energy in the dantien so you can use it for empty force martial arts or for healing. One interesting thing that Master Hsue told me was that after the student has enough energy in the dantien and they start the empty force training, was that the teacher transmits the energy used in empty force into the student by hitting them during the martial arts practice. Craig
  4. Tibetan Empty Force Master Tzun Tzun Hsue

    Pacala, I was just sharing my experience in case others might be interested. I don't think Master Hsue is going to do any video demonstrations of killing an insect or animal to convince you to go see him. I think he got most of his students in San Francisco by word of mouth. As I wrote before he told me that a lot of martial arts teachers went to see him in San Francisco. Orginally when I first started communicating by phone and email with Master Hsue he told me to wait a year and then he would determine if I could get tung chi. I guess after speaking with him a few times he decided that it would be all right to give me tung chi. He said it would be an experiment because usually people prepare by doing his standing meditation for a year or so. Master Hsue wasn't sure if the energy would hold in my dantien but said I could try. I have to be sure to practice his standing meditation everyday to be sure it holds. I will go back and see him in a couple of months for him to check. Craig
  5. tummo

    Here are some links for the tummo workshop in Santa Monica with Wim Hof. http://www.innerfire.nl/workshop-santamonica http://www.potentizinglife.com/
  6. Burning Palm System

    I started studying the Burning Palm System with Sifu Garry a few weeks ago and am enjoying the course so far. Sifu Garry has been very prompt in answering any questions I had. The videos he sent me for Level 1 are easy to follow. There are meditations and martial arts to practice. It is interesting and I am having fun with it. I had been reading Sifu Garry's posts the last year or so and had always thought I would probably like to study it. Sifu Garry makes it easy to learn if anyone is interested.
  7. Andrew Lum/Patrick Moon contact

    I have studied with Sifu Hata since last December. I had previously studied with Max for about a year and took several seminars and privates. I still practice some of the things I learned from Max, like Red Phoenix, and 5 elements standing, as he said those were from Grandmaster Andrew Lum. I am glad I was able to learn those from Max. Studying with Max caused me to be interested in learning more about the martial arts that he had studied with Grandmaster Andrew Lum. I was then fortunate to find Sifu Hata and am grateful that he allowed me to become a student. Sifu Hata is authorized to teach from Si-Jo Patrick Moon and Grandmaster Andrew Lum. I attend his Sunday morning classes which are held in Los Angeles. Sifu Hata is an excellent teacher. He usually spends some time doing healing work on the new student. I have learned the following sets and forms since January: Sifu Hands, Ten Weapons Hands, the five elements forms (Wood, Metal, Fire, Water, and Earth.), Pa Kua stepping set. In January I will start the first of the three spirit fighting forms. It is an honor to be studying with Sifu Hata in this martial art from this authentic Maoshan tradition. I am grateful to Sifu Hata for letting me be his student.
  8. Maharasa - Thank you for the advice. One of his students has a course. http://www.thehoodedsage.com/ I just started it and am having some unusual experiences so far. I am starting to think there might be something to what they are teaching.
  9. I'm going to his seminar in Las Vegas next weekend. Is anyone else going?
  10. Bruce Lee?

    Vortex, The photograph you posted is of Michael Denney (FiveElementTao) who is one of Sifu Hata's students and is an instructor of the the system. His website is at www.spirittao.com A photograph of Sifu Hata can be found on his own website at http://www.sstt-institute.org/aboutus.html
  11. Here is a little more information about spirit fighting martial arts. Sifu Hata is able with a fairly light tap to hit with the qualities of the different elements. For example with fire you will feel a burning when he hits. Often it feels like you are getting hit with a lead pipe and the blow is going down to the bone. Here is a youtube video of Sifu Hata giving me a little hit on my arm. Go to 2:20 of the video. You can see my reaction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azeW5mOGR2A Sifu Hata is able to transmit the energy to the students through hitting. That is what makes this martial art different. Over time you start to develop ability in this martial art as your body absorbs the energy. You will notice when you are doing drills that the elements start coming out in your hits. After I was there about three months fire energy really started coming out in my blows. We start off learning the five element sets and then you learn the spirit fighting sets. They teach you how to fight spirits. Of course they can be used very well against physical persons but their orginal design was for the monks to fight negative spirits. When you become a student of Sifu Hata you learn the system in the following manner. 1. Sifu Hands 2. Ten Weapons Hands 3. Five element forms - Wood, Metal, Fire, Water, Earth 4. Pa Kua Stepping Form 5. Three advanced Spirit Fighting Sets Everyone is welcome to visit the classes. http://www.meetup.com/1-Taoist-Martial-Art...SanShenTanTien/
  12. If anyone lives in the Los Angeles area and wants to learn Spirit Fighting martial arts (San Shen Tan Tien) please check the links below. This martial arts style is taught by Sifu Richard Hata and comes from the same lineage of masters that Max studied his martial arts with. This style of martial arts was originally used by Taoist monks who fought evil spirits. It also works extremely well against physical beings. Classes are held on Sunday mornings. There are three Tao Bums members who are students of Sifu Hata. Last time I invited anyone from Tao Bums to go see Sifu Hata and see if his energy was for real one person took me up on the offer. He has since become a student of Sifu Hata and is a now a believer. http://www.sstt-institute.org/ http://www.youtube.com/user/SSTTInstitute http://www.meetup.com/1-Taoist-Martial-Art...SanShenTanTien/
  13. I've been studying a martial art the last couple of months that was used by Taoist monks to fight evil spirits. If you live near Los Angeles you can stop by a class and learn more. There are some links below in case you want to learn more. Craig http://www.sstt-institute.org/ http://www.youtube.com/user/SSTTInstitute
  14. Kunlun follow up poll

    During the first month I started San Shen Tan Tien I had an experience of fighting with a spirit. Then Sifu Hata and fiveelementtao told me about the mudra for protection. Since I have started the mudra I have not had any problems.