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  1. so qigong and daoism are not that interrelated? what about the breathing techniques used in daoism, do they not relate to the ones used by practitioners of qigong?
  2. I truly hope no one gets a negative impression of me for asking these simple questions, but could you guys please help clarify some things for me? 1) What is the relationship between Taoism, Tai chi, Qi gong, etc? Are these martial arts subsets of overlying Taoist beliefs or separate martial arts? 2) What is Kunlun and where can I find more information on it (such as Wikipedia) on the internet? 3) Is "qi" standard throughout? As in Qi in Tai Chi, Qigong, etc? I know that the Japanese like to think their version of Qi is an actual force while the Chinese Qi is rather ambiguous. Can someone clarify - 4) What martial arts are most wholly integrated with Taoism? 5) Would someone please briefly explain the different schools of Taoism to me? 6) What is Lei Shan Dao, and where would I go to learn more about it? (Book recommendations would help) THANK YOU!!!