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    A recent training session:
  2. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    This is also a way of cultivating, but this way requires the cultivator must have a very good talent, otherwise, this way will not work for him. However, the way that I delineated suits most people, whatever how high the level one will achieve, he/she will get benefits from practice more or less.
  3. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    No, no, no ... if things are such easy, how will it still be so confused to you guys? Ok, it seems I have to give up, it is still too early to do this work. Good luck, guys!
  4. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    Jing includes primordial Jing and postnatal Jing, primordial Jing is inborn, it is stored in one's kidney; postnatal Jing come from food. Qi is partial to energy, and Shen is partial to information. Shi Shen 识神
  5. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    Really, it is hard to explain them, especially in English, but let me try Jing means subtle material which contains energy that a life body need, it is partial to materiality. Qi can be considered as energy that a life body need. Shen includes primordial Shen and Shi Shen (mind), everyone's primordial Shen is same, but each Shi Shen is different. Actually, Internal Cultivation can be defined as a way to refine one's Shi Shen to be the same with primordial Shen. To achieve this goal, the only way is emptiness (虛), only when one can empty one's mind, primordial Shen will appear.
  6. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    My Neigong system belongs to the primordial cultivation school. My Yiquan Kung Fu course is an integrated training system, you can practice it independently, and it can also be the foundation of Internal Cultivation. In ancient time, all internal cultivatiors were good at Kungfu.
  7. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    In different stages, there are different exercises accordingly. Just as when you are a pupil, you study primary curriculum, when you are a middle school student, you study high school curriculum, when you are a university student, you study university course. If you always study primary curriculum, even if you study very hard, and you have spent tens years on it, you will not be a university student. However, in qigong circle, we see this strange phenomena often, many practioners have practised a first step exercise for many years, they don't know the gradations, and of course, they stay in the low level always. Now you may know how important to learn about the gradations of internal cultivation.
  8. Internal Cultivation Gradation

    Here, only Qi can be understood as energy directly.
  9. As a cultivator, it is very important to learn about the gradations of internal cultivation. Generally, we use the following level classification: I. Refine Jing (vital essence) into Qi: this stage contains inside and outside Qi moving, small ZhouTian opening and Entryway opening three steps. II. Refine Qi into Shen(spirit): this stage contains internal and external opportunities appear, big ZhouTian moving and the Entryway losing form three steps. III. Refine Shen return emptiness: this stage contains primordial Shen appear, Shen baby in vitro and millions of incarnations three steps. IV. Refine emptiness fit Tao
  10. My recent pictures

    Thanks for your interest. My internal cultivation Part I introduces an integrated Qigong exercise mainly, I call it Hunyuan Gong, follow the program step by step, you can gain health and energy. Internal cultivation Part II introduces the original Baguazhang mainly, follow the program step by step, you can strive for further improvement, gain more power and fortune.
  11. My recent pictures

    My teaching video
  12. My recent pictures

    The wild lucid ganodermas I found, they are very helpful for one's internal cultivation.
  13. My recent pictures

    One was taken at Wei Bao Shan, Dali, Yunnan province, another was taken at Hengshan, Hunan province.
  14. My recent pictures

    Wuji Standing free sample, you can download the file for free at