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  1. Vitamins and Minerals

    Great Day to All! We love to hear all the feedback about our Swisse products and would like to provide some further information for you about the ingredients used in our multivitamins. Yes, we include a large range of ingredients, combining vitamins, minerals and herbs in order to promote general health and well-being. Vitamins are micronutrients - essential for human nutrition and needed to convert the macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats and proteins)into a more bio-available form so we can reap the energy-producing benefits. There are two groups of vitamins - the fat soluble (A, D, E and K) which can be stored in body tissues; and the water-soluble (mainly B-vitamins and vitamin C) which are easily lost in cooking processes and are required on a daily basis as they do not store very well in the body. So, we need our water soluble vitamins daily, and unless you are eating a great diet full of fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, not smoking, drinking or eating processed and refined foods, and not under too much stress then you should be okay. However, for the rest of us, the B-vitamins and vitamin C are easily lost and a multi-vitamin is a great way to ensure daily adequate intakes. However, not all multi-vitamins are the same, so make sure you check the levels of B-vitamins before purchasing, otherwise you might as well not bother as the level of B-vitamins in some brands is hardly worth the tablet they are in. Next, the all important minerals - these make up about 4-5% of our body matter and assist in energy production as well as a wide variety of body functions. Minerals come from the soil that our plants grow in, are harder to absorb than vitamins and are essential to our health as they are a part of all cells and therefore are required for proper functioning of all cells. We have all heard of mineral deficiency conditions and they are becoming more prevalent in society due to decreased mineral intake from poor diet, over-cultivation of soils, leaching during cooking processes, refining of food and environmental pollution. So now we know the vitamins and minerals are essential, but how about those herbs? Well, we have included carefully selected herbs into our multi-vitamins for a few reasons: 1. To assist with absorption of the vitamins and minerals; 2. To assist with tonifying all systems of the body; 3. For their antioxidant properties (these guys scavenge free radicals to minimize cell damage). All the herbs are safe to take in the doses found in the multi-vitamins and work synergistically to promote health and well-being. Finally, the Probiotics - these are found in our new range of specifics multi-vitamins which include: Glucose Balance (to help balance blood sugar levels); Teenace (for teenagers); Gluten Free (this is also dairy and animal product free - suitable for vegetarians and vegans); No Iron or Iodine (for people with iron and/or iodine challenges) and 50+ years (assist more with memory and digestive function) - these multi-vitamins contain the Probiotics as the specific challenges they are tailored fro are generally associated with decreased digestive functioning and nutrient absorption. Probiotics are the "good" bacteria that are required for nutrient absorption in the digestive tract as well as for production of certain vitamins. We hope this answers all questions you may have about multi-vitamins, however for more information feel free to contact us at Swisse Vitamins head office. Alternatively, if you would like a more independent review then check out healthycomparisons.com - this involves a panel of natural health practitioners reviewing various health supplements in the marketplace. We wish you all a happy and healthy day, from the Swisse Team and their friendly resident Naturopath.
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