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  1. I'd say I would become more confused about the third eye after reading this whole thread But thanks guys, I enjoy reading all your experiences and assumptions
  2. Some Things I've Realized

    Don't give up awake What country you from if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Better than full lotus

    yeah but isnt cutting it to any part of the body for extended periods unhealthy? "Your foot falling asleep for 10 minutes doesn't pose any health threat, but if you were to cut off circulation for an extended period of time -- several hours -- you could suffer serious nerve damage" info from now what several hours means i dont know I still think changing circulation, and cutting it significantly for extend periods of time arent the same. Do all the lotus users legs fall asleep?? Mine do, but I thought it was cause I needed to get a bit more flexible
  4. Better than full lotus

    It seems more like a case of no good blood circulation to me :S I'm not a master, but I wouldn't advise leaving your legs numb for an hour or so, seems silly to me
  5. Energy Measuring equipment and software

    Heard it there too I saw an interview with him too after that where he talks about energy in water , food and stuff. I then found the video posted above, and now just checked out his site, have a look;langpair=ro|en pretty expensive little thing sells there (toser or whatever its called) Will watch the rest of the videos later...
  6. So is Goku, I mean hes an immortal soul who keeps his body and Yang energy after passing 8) Plus his potential in unlimited, since well through the whole thing he keeps getting stronger and stronger
  7. Ok guys, check this out, this for real you think? I wanna get my energy read too
  8. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and I was asking about the physical Carson, thanks The reason I ask is because I would imagine the effects to be quite similar for all people, I mean if we all have a 3rd eye then we should be seeing a similar change once it's open. Obviously some may see greater change if they re better at using their 3rd eye sight, just like a good artist can really "see" better than your average person. I dont know why asking these questions would hinder your growth, its like looking for a benchmark to measure progress and change
  9. Can you guys describe it a bit more? Or is it beyond description? Like can you distinguish between items? or is it just one huge light show where you cant tell a table from the glass sitting on it, because it all just so bright? And can you describe what its like to see "everything as is" Smile? Like with an example or something Thanks
  10. I mean really see, and I dont mean a change in perspective or anything like that Do you see auras? A purpleish vortex like thing around the center of you vision? or something else different from what the average person will see? Any fortunate enough people here to enlighten me on this? Thanks
  11. Esoteric Warriors Author

    Greetings Edward, and thanks for the reply. I live in Bury St Edmunds and according to this Link there are classes being taught here. I haven't got much of a clue what times classes are on or even if they really are on (this could be an out of date web page). I'll probably go there sometime and get the full scoop on things, I just wanted to get an idea on what kinda teacher Alex is, so thanks a lot for letting me know As for the seminar I shall see, maybe it would be better if I went sometime when I have practised the art myself. Thanks again
  12. Esoteric Warriors Author

    Thanks, I might just check it out if I find a copy avaiable. But according to google map his school isn't far from me and I was thinking of taking classes. Has your friend commented on how he feels about his teaching? Or have you seen your friend practice? does his technique look good and effective? I found the school first and then searched the name and found out he had written books, so I thought maybe someone here might know him at some level
  13. Esoteric Warriors Author

    Has anyone read this book by Alex Kozma? Link to book More importantly does anyone know the author? He the kinda guy you may wanna learn from? Interested mainly in Xing Yi, but he seems to know tai chi and Bagua too which are cool too. I'll go check out myself sometime, but I would like opinions from here too if you have any. Thanks
  14. He would say everyone here has a disorder, because most if not all here believe in something beyond what science can prove right now. So all this spiritual stuff is something created by the brain, so its fake/not real. In other words we look crazy (doing spiritual practice), we talk crazy(talking about spiritual stuff), we are crazy! I do appreciate that hes backing up all his claims with some kinda proof though, whilst we cannot or will not (yes I referring to you guys with super ninja powers)