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  1. The Tao/Way/Power/Magic of Women

    ok, this is an offshootof the "female creativity" thread. I am actually VERY interested in what our lady posters have to say about the "Way" of women. As a male in my early twenties, I have no clue of what the female "power" or "magic" is all about. I simply know it exists. I have often heard a few wise men, many wise women, and many girlfriends of mine refer to the "mysterious power" (mysterious to me, that is) that women "have" (be it over males or just in general). My mom once simply stated "you have no idea the power women have. women GIVE LIFE". For instance, I am interested in what 5elementtao (i think it was him) said about women sensing and seeking "yang" power. What do women want? what do women seek? what (if anything) do they seek in return? I will share some personal stories to start this thread. I love women (i do -i find them much better company than males for a myriad of reasons). I am also very interested in gender differences, independently of whether it makes one or the other superior or inferior. I have never had a problem getting (usually long term) girlfriends, and they were always AWESOME women. often, women come to me when i am in a certain state of mind that I would simply describe as "happy" or "joyous" or something of the sort. I am not a PUA and would actually qualify myself as completely worthless in terms of "picking up" or "chatting up" chicks. My observation is that women seek affection (because it's the only thing I know how to give them, and it seems to work so far). But that doesn't get me very far because, who doesn't? As a very androgynous male (so i'm told), I don't think women especially seek "masculinity", although I get the feeling that they do seek a certain "strength" (i've gotten dumped most of the times after awesome displays of character weakness). I am thinking particularly of my last ex, who in my opinion was a pretty high voltage woman. I'd say she was the yang of the relationship, although I'm quite clueless on yin-yang relations. The relationship went sour at some point, as I felt overcome and asphyxiated by this woman who was literally taking over my life. somewhere in that interplay of yin and yang, i wasn't "strong" enough. i think the alchemy works better when the voltages match, whatever that means loool. I don't know. I actullally don't really know what I'm asking :-). I guess what I'd like to know (from female perspectives) is: what do you think makes the essence of a woman (tough question, I know)? the unresolved freud question, "what do women want?". How do you perceive your own power (over males or otherwise)? what do you think that power consists of? ("power" for lack of a better word that is). in a more "dark side of the moon" note, what power DO you feel you have over males? I don't know, just ramble on ladies... but please spare us stuff about "self confidence", because like Ferraris, I wish it was simple as that. or is it? thanks for replies, I know my question isn't very clear, but I am hoping to get interesting insights into the "other side", because as a male, I am completely in the dark about it.
  2. What is your plan?

    leave mexico, return to london and finish my BA in English lit and creative writing (2 years) and maybe MA (+1 year). during this 2 to 3 year period, learn and work in horticulture, indigenous arts & crafts and energy healing, while keeping forward with martial arts training (tai chi kung fu I call it, tai chi-chikung-kung fu, but I would also like to delve into bujinkan ninjitsu) and of course hardcore, daily meditation practice. during this time I would also like to travel across europe on bike, and would love to learn how to sail a ship (a ship with sails lool). my goal by the end of this 2 to 3 year period is saving enough money to buy land somewhere in the mountains of mexico (initial number is at 3000 pounds, but the more the better). after that, it all becomes less clear (not that any of this is set in stone), but I'd surely love to sail around the mediterranean, maybe go for a while to a retreat or monastery in india or tibet, and there's also a pilgrimage from Paris to Jerusalem planned with my girlfriend. all the while cultivating mind, body and spirit, becoming a better, more aware and perfected human being, at one with the harmony of the universe and versed in many diverse esoteric sciences. if all goes well, have my first fiction-poetry book published before the end of the first or second year, and my great psychedelic fiction saga coming up when I'm done with school. it also wouldn't hurt to quit smoking. I know this seems like an awful lot of work and activity, but after spending the last two years on partial vacation, nothing could seem more enticing than going back to serious work, serious roadtripping and never forget to have lotsa fun. I'll be 22 next month. those are my current plans. nothing is set in stone but I plan to squeeze the juice completely out of (at least) the couple of years to come. so there.

    seen as it's pretty impressive, done in front of hundreds, and, in my opinion seemingly legit, i don't see what else people need to simply realize there are indeed (it makes all the sense in the world) advanced science in some places in the world, of which most people don't know about (just like people didn't, except for few exceptions, know real medical science in the dark ages), which you can study and learn and practice until you can actually do it with tangible results. you need to be pretty close minded (or a severe skeptic) in order to keep doubting after seeing stuff like this. what else would you need? are we really going to start finding possible "scientific" ways in which this guy could have gone out of his way to "create the illusion" of levitation? in a sense, he did. that's what makes it so impressive. he could be an awesome illusionist. but it seems more far fetched than the other option.
  4. five element alchemy

    well actually, I'm wondering myself. number 5 keeps coming up. i've gone through all the numbers before that, i have to understand 5 now. i thought the standing postures were supposed to "balance" the five elements within you. my first introduction to the elements was kabbalah, where fire was dynamics, water was emotion, air was thought, and earth was material (roughly). there is now a fifth element, void/ether. I'm just kind of delving into all of this. i know there are five elements to taoist alchemy, and I roughly know the pathways, thought some clarification would be greatly appreciated. i feel the five elements balance/transformation is a very elemental cycle in the make-up of things. I'm trying to get this clearer. i thought maybe oing the standing postures would bring some clarification. what DO you know about five element alchemy?
  5. five element alchemy

    hey, i know kunlun has become taboo over time. i was just wondering to what extent are the basic postures of the five elements representative of five element alchemy in taoist internal cultivation. is this a good place to start five element cultivation practice? is there anything else/more I should know, or somewhere else I could learn about balancing/using the energy of the five elements in internal practice? thank you for your replies, trixter.
  6. thanks a lot for that info, i'd been recently looking for ways to "cleanse" that "dirt". actually the whole kap thing sounds interesting, i've been meditating and doing microcosmic orbit glenn morris style for a few months but I am really interested in all that can be learned there. guess i'll have to wait till september... working secret smile till then. thank you trixter
  7. DMT The Spirit Molecule Trailer

    anyone here ever tried DMT and care to share his experience and possible transcendental insights?
  8. sore throat from tension, not from inflammation

    I once had something similar. my throat was sore but only when I swallowed, and not because it was irritated or because of inflammation. chewing gum sorted it out for me. since then I've read chewing gum is good for sore throats in certain cases. it's not guaranteed but it certainly won't hurt you. 5th chakra issues?
  9. Following the Way

    I agree. a place created to talk about the Tao when " the tao that can be spoken is not the true tao." ironic, as you say. amusing, perhaps. but as good a reason as any other to get together.
  10. You Should ..

    Meditation is truly and surely the ultimate, supreme tool for consciousness expansion. To get in tune with nature, creation and the whole, it is useful to tune to the lunar calendar. Your basic duty is to do what you're supposed to do in the best possible way. Work hard, follow your dharma, always for the advancement of the soul, yours and others, and without ever harming anything or anyone. Learn about the world around you. Eat well. Keep mind and body in activity. Work to purify you nervous system. Pass on the knowledge.
  11. How do you see chi and biology?

    definitely "electromagnetic", however limited our current understanding of that phenomenon. A midwife friend who got into energetic healing after long scientific study once explained to me that the aura or energetic field (probably what "chi" is made of) was "the electromagnetic field released by the chemical reactions in your body". makes sense. breathing and other related practices are probably catalysts for those chemical reactions, hence why they can enhance energy fields that can eventually be manipulated. also, i believe the human body is a magnet. that might also influence "chi" manipulation. definitely "electromagnetic", however limited our current understanding of that phenomenon. A midwife friend who got into energetic healing after long scientific study once explained to me that the aura or energetic field (probably what "chi" is made of) was "the electromagnetic field released by the chemical reactions in your body". makes sense. breathing and other related practices are probably catalysts for those chemical reactions, hence why they can enhance energy fields that can eventually be manipulated. also, i believe the human body is a magnet. that might also influence "chi" manipulation.
  12. yes, there is... NOT trying to get a girlfriend.
  13. What is the definition of a morally good person?

    I recommend you read plato's protagoras. it's a short dialogue that addresses these EXACT questions: what is the definition of a morally good person, and can virtue be taught? it's quite short and I'm sure you can get it for free online.
  14. A strange psychic visit

    some of you are very accurately describing what in Mexico is called "having the dead jump on you" (que "se te suba el muerto"). I don't know if it's meant as a literal thing. it is very common and I have heard of several people experiencing, including myself once at my mother's house when I "woke up" (though I could have been sleeping) to the sensation that I was being held down by an entity, evidently dark, but perhaps, only perhaps a "double" of myself. it held me by the head so i couldn't turn it to look at it. it held me down and breathed violently on my neck, it was scary and threatening. i believe that might be the sort of phenomenon where vampires an incubi/succubi come from. later on, I learnt from a wise man that I highly regard that this was common and that the essential self-defense tactic is managing to (remember to) turn the palms of your hands toward it. towards the energy, being, spirit, whatever it is that is "jumping on you". the hands of human beings, he said, have a power that no other entity can fight. it's like our natural birthright weapon :-). it's supposed to stop once you run your palms towards it, maybe channel a little energy. i believe these entities come on to us when we're in a transition stage (such as half asleep) where it's hard to defend yourself and you might more easily come into their "turf". there's always a clear feeling that the body is paralized, or that even if you're awake enough to move, the "signal" doesn't come through. i believe all they do is feed on energy, and they might have something to do with those nights in which you can't sleep well and keep falling in and out and having strange dreams. it makes sense that a "jolt", if consciously managed, would probably shake them off. two cents on something maybe unrelated, but which seemed interesting and related to the subject at the time :-) trixter
  15. Can feeling good be bad karma?

    I'd like to ask the opposite question: can feeling bad be good karma? couldn't it be a sort of cleansing, karma unloading process? i sure hope it is...