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    Hello lotusbud, thanks for your welcome! What Style do you practice? I am a student of Ma Jiang Bao, the son of Ma Yueh Liang. Until now this Taiji is in my opinion a good combination of meditation (in movement), qigong aspect and physical training. One of our aims is to keep the spinal column always straight and turnable like a towel, that would be wrung out. (sorry if my english is bad....) Greetings wolkenhand
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    Hello, as many of you I've also seen the John Chang videos and read the book. I practised karate for more than 20 years and I'm now doing taichichuan for about 7 years. I could never identify with the esoteric view of things, even not in taichichuan. But I am really interested in a system, which has no "wonders" but is based on intelligent knowledge and persistant training. So, I hope I can work out some new sights. Greetings from Cologne, best city in Germany ;-) wolkenhand (means: cloudhand)