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  1. Cambridge Sky Dragon Institute

    Anyone looking for real deal teaching from humble teacher need to get over to Cambridge, I am in Asia and you rarely get anything approaching the quality of what Alex teaches.
  2. Taiwan or China?

    Hi I would say China has more chance but still its a big haystack. A few things do u speak Chinese? I live in Taiwan and I am not very gifted at Languages but it is a must if you plan on getting in touch with any thing other than what is put out there and advertised to make money. Obviously there are exceptions but on the whole you need the language. If you have it already great. If not then I would get on a course in the mainland and learn, this will give you opportunity to research within the country and get an informed opinion first hand of where to go. Good luck.
  3. Mao Shan Daoist Magic Masters in Taiwan

    Hi If you looking for those things specifically then it might be a long search. Usually and again all this is only in my limited experience methods and abilities such as you mention will come as either by products or as specific practices only after certain pre requisites have been met in terms of emotional stability and maturity. As Gerard said you may find more options within the mainland. Maybe have a chat with Linhai of Sacred Journeys he can share more of what he knows of teachers on the mainland he goes every year for several months conducting tours of the Sacred Sites (, Linhai is very knowledgable on the taoist and Vajrayana Buddhist teachings. Also try Daozhen (Jesse) who spent lots of time in China in real practice, i dont jave the info to hand but do a search on taobums you should find some info. For Taiwan Master He Jin Han as Gerard mentioned is a real gem he take you deep through the body to the energetic and Spiritual though I don't know if what you are seeking will be part of the program at least at first alot of bodywork is to be done to prepare the body to deal with the energies and forces experienced in his branch of Bagua. I'm off to train. Simon
  4. Mao Shan Daoist Magic Masters in Taiwan

    If real deep Bagua is your goal then I second Gerards recommendation. Master He is a real gentleman.
  5. Mao Shan Daoist Magic Masters in Taiwan

    Hi I dont have contacts for you I am afraid I came out here looking for the same thing but on the whole in my experience so far and opinion there is very little still available here and of that which is avaialble it requires good Chinese Language and comes with the traditional baggage which often requires jumping through hoops to get very simple practices. A good place to start for the Taoist practices is through the many Internal Arts practitioners that you will find in all the parks around Taiwan practising in the early morning. Get to know people ask questions and see if you can find any one who 'can' show you and 'is' willing to show you something other than basic qigong. By the way the often told story of 'many master fled to Taiwan' should probably be changed to 'some of the masters fled to Taiwan. Its true there are some great teachers here but from also very briefly visiting Beijing and Chendu in my opinion I would say because of the size of China its still retains a lot of good teachers in all the parks as well of course as lots more average and bad teachers. Good luck on your journey, maybe also try there are many people on that board that live in Taiwan. Also be carful, be clear on what you want and don't kiss your brains goodbye just because some one is saying they can provide all you seek. Test everything and ask questions. All the best Simon PS Please dont pray for me, pray for yourself on your own journey.
  6. Franz Bardon

    Hi Serene, for me I started in March/April of this year and have found it to be the best approach for me. In the past i have gone down many paths but this seems to be the most thorough combine this with Yogic Pranyama its given me the most progress. As i have never really felt or experienced stuff in the past people say feel this i would be like, what? With this i feel i am on the path and just need to practice now and the skys the limit. Simon
  7. The power of Internal Martial Arts

    Hi just saw this, please dont pass Alex's email on to anyone who needs proof, Alex is unwell at the moment and the last thing he needs is more hassles. He one seriously skilled guy but unlike alot of the internal people he trained damm hard under pressure sparring with many different people on the way. People are entitled to there opinion, end of the day I gave up the internal cos I couldn't be bothered to wait years to get to the fighting ability of a 1 year thai guy. Please people if you have fought for real fighting is fighting end of, you good or you bad, that's it. To much theorising over internal shows to me lack of reality. Its true big differences in approach but I feel when studying people need to know why if its for fighting then go with the most practical tried and tested approach. If more for theory cool do it as a yoga but please don't confuse the two. The footage of Alexs teacher, bear in mind yes he does Tai Ji well and looks soft but he gone through many years of the hard, fighting for real. Its the only way. Just my opinion.
  8. Very true as great as the Tibetan traditions are with the many proofs of Jalu, Rainbow body acheivments and many, many amazing practitioners there is also the fact that it can take years and years to get any kind of method to acheive real change. The foundation practices I really do beleive are valuable but this is not 2000 years ago we dont have all day to practice we need potent methods help us advance in the understanding of the energies in our body, and the activities of our mind. For me unless you are very lucky I see it as lots of learning of ritual, how to take care of the shrine, how to do all the little details but when it comes to the meat of the practice, 6 Yogas, Dzogchen, real stuff its sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow in coming. Add to that the gamble of whether the Rinpoche in question is even interested in teaching the higher methods, the sole goal may be to fund the monastery back home. This has all shaped my decisions and pushed me away from trying to find the info in the big 4 traditions of Tibet to finding it elewhere.
  9. Franz Bardon IIH: Results?

    Thanks everyone for your input on this subject I have found alot of useful points to look more into and have also found some well developed Bardon people who really do answer my questions and give me confidence in this system. A whole system in clear (depending on your opinion of his style) English. Simon
  10. Franz Bardon IIH: Results?

    Thanks for that, its a great description.
  11. Franz Bardon IIH: Results?

    Hi wellI have always been a bit wary of this kind of stuff as liberation as described in the Dharma is what I see as the ultimate goal but also that the Tibetan approches are also something of a toolbox of methods and wondered whether Bardons approach can take you the same way. I like his details and his specific methods to get clear results. I wanted to know if people had managed to stick to IIH instructions and if so what there opinion of the process is, my one concern was about the dangers of getting lost in power and manipulation of forces as to transcend these is the goal. Simon
  12. Has any one worked through Franz Bardons Initiation Into Hermetics? If so what have been your results? Thanks Simon
  13. Does Mjjbecker annoy the piss out of you?

    Whats the point of this? You dont like his posts dont read them. Simple. I thought one of the shared goals here was growing to be the best we can be and dealing with our own shit before we go pointing at others. Perhaps consider this before creating your practice group as mentioned in your other thread. Simon
  14. Method of Paramahansa Yogananda

    Hi everyone I was just looking at the classic book Autobiography of a Yogi, I find it a really inspiring read and so hope at least some of it was true! Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the mysterious Kriya methods, and also as this stuff has been practised for what 50 years now in the west surely if it does work we should be seeing some results from people. I love the sound of it all in the book but something does sound to good to be true in it all and there are some big claims like the recalculation of the Yuga cycle. Any thoughts??? Simon
  15. Brain Click OBE

    Thanks all for your replies its interesting to hear others have had the same, I shall keep going and see what happens next. Simon