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  1. Sending Chi into something

    Not always. You have to consider both the quantity AND quality of the energy.
  2. Sending Chi into something

    You have to be responsible if you're going to project your chi to others for whatever reason (healing, blessing, etc). The quality of your energy MUST be higher than that of the receiver's. Otherwise you will do more harm than good. If you're vibration is lower than your subject, projecting your chi to them will cause blockages/congestions and other negative effects. In short instead of cleaning/healing, you will be contaminating the subject. Same principle goes for feeding people food that you projected your chi into.
  3. Sending Chi into something

    Yes there is. That is why you have to be sensitive enough to feel if the part of the patient you are energizing is already full.
  4. Sending Chi into something

    There are two schools of thought regarding energy healing. One uses the internal energy to heal, the other uses external energy. In the internal energy system, the practitioner first performs certain practices (meditation, breathing excercises, etc) to generate energy and store it inside the body. Then this stored energy is used to heal other people. However this system requires a long time of energy build up before it is safe to perform. Also the healer can only heal a few patients a day so as not to drain his/her energy system. In the external energy system, the practitioner absorbs energy from the environment (earth, air, sun, soul, etc) and channels this energy through his/her body and then projects it to the patient. This is a better system to use since you absorb energy from external sources, thereby energizing your own system before you project the energy to a patient. This means there is a far less likelihood of energy drain. But actually, these two systems are two sides of the same coin. In order to increase your capacity to channel external energy, you must also increase your internal energy. So powerful healers usually have a practice to generate internal energy (qigong, yoga, other practices) to build up their energy and then use external energy to heal patients. And while channeling external energy, the internal energy of the healer is also increased so it's a win-win situation. If you are interested, I suggest you look into Pranic Healing. www.pranichealing.com
  5. Want To Get Into Yoga/Learn Yoga! Please, help.

  6. golden bell

    Read Master Choa Kok Sui's Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office. The book teaches many techniques for shielding, including one that wraps around your entire body without having to leave any spot vulnerable.
  7. Taoist Practices

    Hi Eric, I have a copy of your book "Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy" and it's very informative and interesting. Are you still active at writing or teaching?
  8. How to become more right here right now?

    Root yourself to the earth.
  9. are you ever gonna die?

    In my training, we were taught that the only end result possible for us is our eventual return and re-merging with the Deity, Supreme Universal Force, God, Goddess, whatever term is called for IT. I suppose the closest thing to death we can experience is the loss of our individuality when the said re-merging occurs.
  10. Spiritual cults.

    My rule of thumb is, it's ok to respect the teacher, but it's more important to test the teachings. The test of the pudding is in the eating. Even Buddha said we should focus on the teachings and not the personality of the teacher.
  11. How can I increase my Testosterone?

    1. Balance your chakras. 2. Heal the sex chakra. 3. Don't waste your sex energy. Take the middle path when it comes to sexual activity, particularly ejaculation.
  12. Salt baths

    Sea salt or iodized salt works just fine. I recommend iodized salt because it is more powdery and doesn't hurt if you rub it all over your body. For a salt bath, I think 3 cups of salt would do. This might sound too much but it will clean your energy body. Soak for about 30 mins.
  13. Why does my orbit run by itself

    Isn't the orbit supposed to run by itself?
  14. A friend needs protection

    Daily salt bath will go a long way. Salt neutralizes dirty and negative energy. If he has a tub tell him to soak in water with about a 3 cups of salt for thirty minutes. If he doesn't have a tub, he can just rub salt all over his body, let it stay for two minutes and then rinse.