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  1. Kunlun practice

    Hello all, Has anyone had a chance to review this book? How is Kunlun related to Taoist practice? Thanks in advance, Rob
  2. Taoist Five Thunder Palms

    Thanks for all the input fellas! I could spend my whole life researching various qigong methods! Probably best to just use that time sitting in ma bu! - Rob
  3. Taoist Five Thunder Palms

    Hello all, There are so many qigong forms and sets out there! It is pretty incredible to think about. I have noticed that each qigong master seems to have there own favorites which are mentioned often. For example, Wen Mei Yu cites the Buddhist Wei Tuo Qigong and the Five Thunder Palms (which sounds like a Wu Tang Kung Fu movie series or a Shaw Brothers release) along with the popular Da Yan Wild Goose Qigong which she is famous for. BK Frantzis seems to focus on other groups such as Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong or Dragon and Tiger Qigong... I suppose my question would be how does one find more information on these more obscure and rare sets of qigong? Some are more easy to find such as Da Yan or the Ba Duan Jin but I am interested in the unusual and hardly seen forms. Is there a good website or blogspot one could refer me to for references? Thanks, Rob
  4. Hello!

    Welcome Blacktiger, I am a big Kung Fu fan as well! Hard not to be after watching the great movies of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Bruce Lee, Jacky Wu, or anything choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping. - Rob
  5. The Bao Shu posture

    Hello all, Just curious if anyone knows where this standing posture originates from? I learned it in Yiquan but I know that Wang Xiang Zhai also studied Taiji and White Crane along with Xingyi and most likely other arts as well. It seems to be the most common and comprehensive qigong posture found in all kinds of sets. Whether it is called bao shu "embrace the tree", hunyuan, ball holding, or barrel holding, I see it all over. From a health prespective I have heard that the acu points of the hands and center torso are in alignment when doing this posture and from a martial perspective it can be used to help strengthen the tendons and ligaments and stretch the joints. The position also looks like it can be a peng, "ward off" or guo "wrapping" energy. Any other thoughts or answers? - Rob
  6. Greetings

    Hello all, Am new here to the group. Glad to be here. Currently I have been training Zhaobao Hulei Taiji with Tim Cartmell here in lovely Southern California. Also interested in other Taoist and Kunlun qigong and martial arts practices. Thanks for having me, Rob