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  1. Trataka

    the anger issues were getting a bit too much so I edited the posts, wouldn't want to lead someone to some problems in any case, never mix alcohol and tratak
  2. Trataka

  3. AA

    Is it possible to make a vampire truly realise he/she is a vampire?
  4. AA

    This is a great thread really, made me realise some things about myself and others. Just wanted to say that.
  5. Kunlun for Social Anxiety?

    Haven't tried the joppa meditation, but I know what you mean. I think with meditation, you get more open to reality, and reality isn't always pretty so that can be a bit scary. At least that's what happened to me with the trataka, which made me pause from meditation for a while. Will get back to it, and won't let that stop me again.
  6. Post your favorite meditation etc.

    trataka (concentrated gazing) and a reeeeeallly slow walk.
  7. Kunlun for Social Anxiety?

    I haven't tried kunlun, but I'd like to share my opinion on the topic . There can be many reasons for your type of social anxiety. For me it comes and goes, it's a constant "battle". Battle is a very wrong word, let me explain why. It's a type of energy that can be directed imho. In my personal exerience, I have seen both sides of that same energy. One side is sweaty palms, nervousness, being to careful of what you say, wanting to be accepted etc. The other side is having a type of social power. Like somehow getting a bunch of people to sort of follow your orders by showing your "power". While the second one seems like more fun (and it is), it is essentially the same coin with two sides. So it doesn't really matter if it's one side of the coin or the other side of the coin, you're still playing the same nervous game. Basically, it's wanting too much. When you're nervous you want the "power" very much and that only sends you in even more stress which manifests itself in sweaty palms or acting like you own everyone in the room. So the solution really would be letting go of high expectations. If you want it too much (having fun, joking etc), you won't get it, or you'll get something you don't really want. I don't know if you play basketball, but it's something like when you want to score too badly, you never do. But if you realise how much scoring means in reality to you, then scoring isn't souch a problem. It's about awareness. And meditation is about awareness. This is the principle that is present everywhere and in everything I belive. It's about always seeking the middle, and realising reality in everything you do. Seeing the right proportions etc etc. This is a picture I found on a tennis psychology website (I have very much respect for sports psychology) Which is funny because I've found on some other sites suggesting a breath counting meditation (essentially mindfullness) for tennis players psychological game. Someone posted about scientific experimentation on meditation being good for anxiety. I think that it was 3 months of mindfullness meditation, not really sure though. It's not a long period that much I'm sure of. Good luck with you rising above the anxiety, I'm absolutely sure it will happen for you. I would suggest meditation with kunlun, but I'm not sure if they complement each other or are antagonistic, so someone experienced on kunlun should tell you about that.
  8. Kunlun Benefits

    Guys, could anyone post any useful links on kunlun for someone unable to attend seminars (me)? Just the basic info for a start (like what it is, how it's practised, how it's learned, history etc). If posting links isn't allowed please send it to me in a private message? thanks
  9. Amazing, thanks for writing the article, got me very interested. I wonder, what's the relation of The Sacred Blue Lotus (Nymphaea caerulea) and the ka. Considering the Lotus' aphrodisia and the way it was used (soaked in wine) I think that blue lotus could have been very much valued in that sense. Very very interesting, I'll have to read up on this when I find the time.
  10. Kunlun for recovering drug addict?

    Have you thought about fighting fire with fire? Many former addicts say that the thing that got them out of addiction is a hallucinogen. Some hallucinogens are different, souch as ibogaine for example. It is used to treat addictions, and is used in Africa for centuries. It's said to dissolve the ego, but experienced guidance is needed because it isn't a fun, naive pleasant experience, it's very spiritual and introspective. Another is ayahausca, a medicine from the Amazon has a simmilar effect on the ego and one's perspective of his/her life. Google iboga or ibogaine and see what you find. It could be a good solution. Another thing addicts use to wean themselves off heroin is leaves of a plant called kratom. That's what I know on the subject, good luck.
  11. Trataka

    Well, I hope this isn't the wrong place for the thread. I'm still very new to taoism and the whole philosophy. Here's a link (not the best one, but it explains what it is, trataka isn't complicated) So anyway, the thing is, this is the meditation I feel best suits me. I have tried a few and trataka is the one that has the deepest effect in me. I have been doing it before I was even aware it had a name (or any other meditation techniques), it came sort of instinctively. I'm not currently doing it regularly, but will start in a week or two (I'm in a bit of a chaotic situation right now, but it will pass soon). My question is, would you say it's beneficial or destructive, from a taoist point of view? Do you see it as a waste of energy? I'm not trying to put any sort of responsibility on anyone here, the decision is mine (and I think I have already made it), but I'm interested in seeing the opinion of the tao bums here . What do you think of trataka?
  12. What are your delusions?

    I see. Visiting China won't be possible in the near future. My plan is to move to another country definetly, but that's still far away and right now impossible for me. I thought I might be able to get started alone, but I see your point. Oh well, I'll try searching more. I feel that for example when I walk really slowly somewhere (I enjoy doing this), I feel more grounded. Now, that's just a personal feeling, and although I'm somewhat satisfied with it, I know that there are more effective techniques, but it seems unfourtenetly I can't learn them on my own. Well, I guess I'll search for some more stuff like that, maybe slightly more effective... thanks durkhrod chogori
  13. What are your delusions?

    I live in Serbia. In a town of around 100 000 people which is pretty disconnected from any bigger city. There could be someone in Belgrade but currently I'm unable to travel there (my financial situation is not very good). I need something that is easily learned and really requires only effort, not traveling too far. I realise that this is asking much, but I hope there's something at least a little effective that I could do in my current situation. I have seen only one post on the 5 Tibetans saying it's good, but do you know anything about this? Is it good for grounding which you mentioned is very important? I feel like I am realitively well grounded, but that's just a feeling not based on anything solid enough. Like, if you can do 100 push-ups you know you have a strong upper body. Sorry for going off-topic here, but my situation is not the best one when it comes to instruction, so I need all the help I can get. I need to be very careful with experimenting, because if I harm myself I don't have very many options for help. Thanks
  14. What are your delusions?

    Thanks durkhrod chogori Would you say just watching this video for example and immitating is a good thing to do? It's the only thing I can do because I live in a country where there is nobody I can learn from, only the internet. That's the only way I can practise.
  15. What are your delusions?

    I think a little bit of everything. Sometimes I'm proud, sometimes I'm lonely, I'm lazy (most of the time ) and so on... Good thing is, I'm working on it. And the more I work on myself, the more I am aware, I feel less impact of these "curses" and they last much shorter. Sometimes when I'm having jelous thoughts I'll just catch myself and realise I'm being jelous. Automatically I realise how pointless and hurtful it is and it stops. And the more often I "catch myself" and admit it to myself, the frequency of it occuring is smaller. So I'm gaining control over my emotions and my life. It's a slow process, but at least it's in the right direction (I belive). A little meditation helps greatly. I take it slow with meditation because sometimes it opens me to some problems I'm not ready to face. I feel like patience is the key, and the goal is in the direction, not the win or loss.