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  1. Practice builds Spirit and Heart and develops your genetic disposition to it's potential.
  2. Travel Vaccinations

    I assume there's a few on this board who travel so wondering who gets travel vaccinations when they do? I had some over 10 years ago when I went to SE Asia and got fairly sick from them and am thinking of going without. Would be interested to hear opinions about vaccines in general as of late I've been hearing a lot of negatives about them (except from my doctor who says just take 'em).
  3. Transmuting sexual energy and ...

    There's a lot of good advice here so I'm just adding what has worked for me in the past. Before I knew about different things like hypnosis and EFT I would just try and be mindful of myself when I heard myself thinking or saying negative things. I'd then begin a logical dialogue with myself along the lines of: "okay, how does this thought benefit me in the long term or short term?" Sometimes I would discover the root of the negativity and for me it always seemed to be related to a self defense mechanism but the main thing was creating an awareness in myself that this line of thinking never benefited me really, either in the long term or short term. Once I was clear on that, every time negative thoughts would come up I'd remind myself that this was not beneficial for me and over time my thinking gradually started to change until one day those thoughts wouldn't come up anymore. As my thinking changed, my feelings started to change too, eventually I realized my whole outlook on life had changed to a positive one.
  4. NanoThermite

    The ability to have and develop a clear, critical mind is valuable for Taoism. Accepting any dogma or belief as given is not so valuable. It does no honor towards those that have passed just by turning off the critical mind. In this light how does a thread such as this not have value? It is not disrespecting the dead, it is honoring the investigation of truth. Even if this investigation proves fruitless the pursuit of it can still have merit both from a humanitarian point of view and a Taoist one.
  5. why money?

    Actually I make more posts in forums related to my paid jobs than I do here.
  6. why money?

    Spiritual practice has been the hardest work that I have ever done and this includes the times when I have had to work 3 jobs to take care of my family. Working a day and night job was easy - those days are some of my fondest memories. Spiritual practice where one just does some energy cultivation may be easy but comparing some practice where one needs to transcend ones own hell vs a day job makes the day job look like grandma's biscuits.
  7. why money?

    This is the precise reason why you would benefit from paying money for learning. In time you may let go of your negative view of using money. This is true. Money is the easiest thing to give. When money is not given the payment is much higher. Often the price is so high that the student is sapped of all motivation to learn and does not even practice the so called "free" teaching. If you do not have the money then ask your teacher if you may help out with his chores such as cooking and cleaning. This is still not equal to value of the teaching and realizing this you will appreciate the teaching you are receiving even more and work even harder. Your heart will open with gratitude to the teaching you are receiving and you will advance even more Spiritually.
  8. If a book is a manifestation of your own mind then you can get something from the book. If a guru or a nanny or a grocer are manifestations of your own mind then you can certainly get something from them too. For many, without the reflection of the mirror the knowledge of the self would not be known so look into that mirror if it helps you. If it does not then don't. The path can look different depending on where we are on the path and to argue that another is on the wrong path because they are walking on grass not rocks is just buying into another type of illusion. Similarly, the paths of some need to take them into absolutes of right and wrong and they are where they need to be too.
  9. Hi

    Hello, this looks like an interesting corner of the web, lots of opinions being thrown around from all extremes and mediums. A great place to learn I'd say and I'm glad to be here.