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  1. fastest route to flexibility

    I work with post-isometric relaxation. In other words, before you stretch the muscle, contract it. In taoist terms, anything pushed to its extreme turns into its opposite. Ultimate stillness creates movement. Contract the hamstring, hold the contraction, relax it and stretch it. Have fun!
  2. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Career?

    In my experience it is worth it. I owe nearly 200k from multiple medical education including acu. I don't think too much about paying it all back, because student loans are low interest and they work with you on paying them back, the government does not send italian hitmen after you. That being said, many TCM practitioners struggle, with little business experience and poor management of patients. When you are done with your schooling, people will not know who you are and they won't really care. Your job becomes educating people about OM and how it can help them. If you love what you do, its much easier. And its easy to love acupuncture practice. I really think TCM is a lifepath of sorts. It becomes you. If your sure you want that, then the decision is easy. Best, MJ
  3. Greetings to all

    Hi My name's Max, I have studied taoism on and off for about 8 years, to varying levels of obsession. Some taichi, meditations and lots of books. Professionally I do chiropractic, acupuncture and chinese herbology in my practice, and have had the good fortune of learning acupuncture, several styles, from a seasoned pro. I love it all. I certainly feel I have not even seen the iceburg, let alone touched the tip of it when it comes to taoism and all that is there. This is a little disconcerting and exciting. I very much just want to keep learning, so here I am. I feel like everything I learn is applicable in treating patients, which makes it even more exciting. Thanks goes out to everyone here who shares knowledge!