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  1. Why Taoism is different

    A fine Tantric sentiment. Someone asked Buddha for a teaching for those who can't/won't take an attitude of denying the worldly, becoming renunciates. Buddhist Tantra was born. We like drunken sobriety, ridiculous seriousness, disciplined abandon, and other fun paradoxical practices. ... my take on the topic.. Taoist practice, the utter intensity of technique-mastery is for me it's outstanding quality. magnificient job done of preserving ancient discoveries, keeping them accessible.
  2. Greetings All. My student and fellow teacher, Shima suggested I visit. What a delight! I enjoy forums, and much of what I've written on Tantra and related things so far started as replies to questions on forums .. so, I hope, self servingly, and shamelessly, to use you in this way sometimes. Also, it is gratifying to see such a forum, well populated. Most posts of mine out there are in places with very restricted membership, and not much activity. Rahasya Love, however it looks.