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  1. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    Great, thank you!
  2. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    I don't get the breathing instructions in the DVD: - Three breath to start 80% - 70% - 50% Three breath to finish Does this means 80in/80out, 70in/70out, 50in/50out or 100in/80out, 80in/70out, 70in/50out? finish is the same as start? - One breath to start 50% - 20% Is this 50in/20out? - One breath to start 90% - 70% - 50% - 30% ?? any suggestions are welcome
  3. Brainwave entrainment for Kunlun

    Hello bums! I can't download the mp3 file neither the FLAC or Wav... the http://jupitersgrace.com site doesn't work, it say "Error 404! /kunlun/Kunlun-Session.wav File Not Found!" May I have to acces the site with a username and password? So, can anyone repost the wav or flac file??
  4. hello!

    Hello everyone on the forum!! I'm writing from Italy and my english is quite bad, so I'm sorry for any mistakes in this and in future topics.. Well, without dwelling: I'm in level one of Kunlun and I think its great, I found this forum on the net when i was searching for someone to talk about it and so... here I am!!