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  1. Hey Sifu, can't believe it was so hard to find you on here (damn chinese names) lol.

    Jk, but I sent you a friend request and I think I'm gonna try to be more active on here (maybe not) depends on what I see on here.

    And now I'm gonna be an oxymoron and take my leave using my chinese name lol.

    Peace and Blessings!

    -Lin Ren Guang

    1. 林愛偉


      Hey mr. ! hahaha Where are you on this forum?

  2. What are good meditation lengths?

    Well. . .I find it helpful to do multiple meditations throughout the day (3 the most), at the same time every day I average about 30 mins each. I like the earlier post about quality, in any case its not something you can force anyway. Gotta make do with what you got! : D
  3. Greetings

    Thanks 4 da help, I currently reside in brooklyn(NY) and have no teacher except God and Nature. I try to listen to both. Before my mother tried to restrict my meditation practices, I started off concetrating on my breathing in order to take my mind off of everything else and enter a "trance" for lack of a better word at the moment. Then right before my mother told me she doesnt want me meditating, I changed my meditation to visualizing that I was somewhere more natural than my environment and I would visualize myself breathing in energy. My mother wants me to find a teacher because she is afraid of me inviting demons or negativity through meditation. I guess part of her worries can be attributed to an experience I sometimes have after sleeping. Sometimes I conciousley experience Sleep Paralysis and she was worried that my meditation had something to do with it but she thought that this was new to me but I had experienced sleep paralysis twice before but she was unaware of this. If you guys want to hear more about my sleep paralysis experience you can ask me but I dont want to get too off track or make this post to long. Btw I have a question, if anybody knows about the user: Yogameditation on youtube and whether his practices have any weight to them?
  4. Hello Tao Bums

    greetings Rumel and others. I am also new here and would like to grow with the knowledgeable ppl on this site.
  5. Greetings

    Greetings all that dwell here in the house of Id like to thank you all for accepting me into your home and take this moment to introduce myself.In a matter of speaking, I am a baby that hopes to grow with the help of willing people from this forum. I am just begining my journey. Any authentic help i will deeply appreciate. I am pursuing the Thunder Path and currently I am a level one student trying to fill his dantian or xia dan tian as ive heard is the more appropiate name. As i said before guidance would be appreciated and if anyone wants to contact me, feel free to pm me or reply. -John