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  1. Thank you for this excellent and informative reply snowmonki, it is definitely very helpful. I will do some research and almost certainly return with many more questions about YSB. Thanks again
  2. Facepalm? Say what you will, at least I'm informative. You're simply rude. My life is anything but normal. I typically go months without ejaculating, but I can, and often do, enjoy continuous states of orgasmic bliss at will, with or without stimulation or even sexual fantasy for as long as I wish. I can, and occasionally do have amazing "tantric" sex for up to 8 hours at a time with no physical need or even desire to ejaculate at the end, I always store the energy I accumulate in my dan tien. I find it's extremely healthy for both me and my partners. It is precisely because I can orgasm at will like this that I feel little interest in ejaculating. It's not a matter of effort or willpower to "retain" for me because I'm beyond that basic compulsive urge. I found something much better. I'm having my cake and eating it too. And according to my eurologist, I have the prostate of an 18 year old (I'm currently 42) I also look and feel half my age most of the time. I've been practicing ecstatic sex for 16 years now. If it's "killing me" it sure has a funny way of showing it
  3. Thanks for all the great replies so far guys. Here is a link to a small article written by anothet student of Yin Bagua briefly explaining the Standing Strengthening Postures and at what point the chi becomes "turbid" i.e. shaking: My teacher's explaination was that achieving maximum isometric tension without shaking, creates smooth layers of development over time while practicing the standing strengthening postures. Apparently turbid or turbulent (as he called it) chi disrupts this smooth layering effect? The instruction is the same for circle walking. We keep our arms up, enduring fatigue and discomfort but we are taught to perform a direction and arm change form the moment our arms start to shake for the same general "turbid" chi reason that I'm seeking to understand more clearly. Apparently, the Yin Bagua Style in its entirety, secret techniques, neigongs, etc, has been uploaded to YouTube for anyone to learn. I'm not learning this way, but it's great research material and there for anyone to check out just by searching "Yin Bagua Lion" My teacher's teacher is He Jenbao, he demonstrates the bulk of the material in the later videos starting around #11.5 in the Lion System. I would especially appreciate opinions from anyone who practices bagua.
  4. Can you say more on this? I'm still very new to Bagua. I'd really like to hear more and your practice, those do's and don'ts and what exactly bagua burnout is
  5. Thanks Aetherous, this was helpful. I agree with all of this as it applies to Zhan Zhong.
  6. I'm really glad you're making this point. However, not all porn is the same. Some of it is quite tasteful and totally respectful toward both men and women. Check out for example or one of the many exclusively female owned and operated companies. Sadly the majority of porn *is* abusive to women and often encourages the worst instincts in men. That's why it's important to support the few who are working to change not only the industry but the way people sexually treat themselves and each other. Like it or not, porn is instructive to millions. It's not going away. The best we can do is make better lessons out of it. Having said that, yes if you're able to enjoy multiple orgasms totally separately from the ejaculation process (I.e. if you can easily cum over and over again at will without even becoming erect), you can still retain most of the stirred up chi by storing it in the Dan Tien and relaxing deeply until your systems normalize. You should only feel pleasantly energized. If you feel frustrated or over-stimulated afterwards, you should probably just ejaculate to reset your energy. I've been regularly enjoying orgasms for hours with or without sex/porn/sexual fantasy, often without even taking off my pants, on a regular basis for nearly 2 decades with only positive results so far. I'm often mistaken for half my age. And while dealing with permanent injuries, I'm still generally considered quite healthy. There's also another viable alternative to porn - erotic hypnosis. Whether self-induced or achieved via a qualified hypnotherapist or an MP3, it often combines extremely deep states of mental and physical relaxation with extremely high states of arousal for a more powerful, pleasurable effect. A wonderful side effect of this process is far less, if any, cortisol/adrenaline release while at the same time sparing the body mental and physical exertion like excess muscular tension, while the deep relaxation helping to maintain free flowing energy throughout the experience. Much like porn, most erotic hypnosis products are based on very negative emotions and concepts, and sold by highly unethical people and can do real harm to your emotional and psychological well-being. I.e. avoid the dominatrix sites. A couple recommendations for safe and sexy mp3's are: - Kama Sutra and Ultimate Male Orgasm by Talmadge Harper (both designed for men) - Hypno-Sex and Amazing Orgasm at (usable by all genders and orientations) It's also been shown that habitually watching porn tends to lower testosterone in men over time whereas engaging in sexual fantasies/erotic hypnosis will tend to raise testosterone levels over time. Food for thought
  7. Hello my fellow bums, I was hoping you might have some insight for me. I've recently started training in Yin Bagua. My teacher has explained that while practicing the Standing Strengthening Postures, the goal is to achieve the maximum possible isometric muscular tension without any shaking of the body occurring. He explained the shaking is a sign of turbulent chi and hinders the process of changing fast twitch muscle fibers to slow twitch, the "strengthing" process. I used to practice Zhan Zhong many years ago. But was told that the shaking in postures like "holding the ball" or "hugging the tree" is normal and should simply be endured and ultimately relaxed through in order to achieve deeper and deeper layers of stillness. So, my question to any Bagua/taiji/chi gung practitioners out there: When, if ever, is it a good thing to shake while practicing standing postures?
  8. I can think myself to orgasum. Here is how I did it.

    I'm a 40 year old man. I've been "thinking off" for about 12 years now. I can do it pretty much at will, for as long as I wish, provided I'm not in acute discomfort, pain, or stress. I learned a couple years after becoming multi-orgasmic through Key Sound Multiple Orgasm technique taught at While I certainly believe my KSMO practice helped speed up my progress towards "thinking off," I actually learned it from two techniques found in books unrelated to "tantric" or other profound sexual energy practices. The books are "Frontal Lobes Supercharge" by Neil Slade and "Access Your Brain's Joy Center" by Pete Sanders. The techniques are called "Amygdala Clicking" and "Joy Touching" respectively. Neither book or is author has much to offer beyond these two techniques IMHO. But I do consider them worth the read. In "Amygdala Clicking" aka "Clicking Forward" the goal is to use a combination of visualization and physical sensation to stimulate the Anterior Amydalae regions (two areas located just below and behind the eyes). "Joy Touching" seeks to stimulate (again through visualization and physical awareness) the Septum Pellucidum located approximately in the center of the brain, very much equivalent to the Third Eye chakra. Personally, through my experiences of Kundalini-like waves stimulating my chakras during my "tantric" KSMO sessions, I consider "thinking off" simply to be a "Third Eye" and/or "Crown Chakra" orgasm. Nothing more, nothing less. I simply direct energy to those areas to charge them, which almost instantly induces a wonderful, continuous state of orgasm for as long as I choose to maintain my awareness there, maintaining the charge. I can "turn it up" or down so-to-speak, like a volume dial to produce the amount of pleasure I desire. Through my KSMO practice, I had already learned how to induce orgasms at will, but they were mostly felt through the first three chakras, sometimes the Heart & Throat as well. But Third Eye & Crown Chakra orgasms are distinctly felt in the head, then result in a second, simultaneous orgasm that feels more genital or Root Chakra centered. In my practice, on my better days I can charge or feel full orgasmic sensations in all 7 chakras seperately or simultaneously. I've been enjoying orgasms at will with or without physical stimulation, solo or with a partner for about 14 years now. I do feel as though the energy usually generates at the Root and then, through the Key Sound, is encouraged to flow up the spine and then I guide it back down front of my body and into my Dan Tien. I'm a big believer in consciously gathering all my sexual chi and storing it in my Dan Tien immediately following any orgasmic experience, especially if it includes the heart or head. It's simply the safest place to store extra energy in the body. I definitely agree with AstralProjectee's description of "feeling off" as opposed to "thinking." A far more accurate term for the experience. I must say I haven't experienced any of the health problems suggested in this thread. I do feel that Third Eye orgasms are a healthy and beneficial expression of my being alive. After over a decade of enjoying them, there doesn't seem to be a downside. I have to emphasize that I do feel regular KSMO practice, which I consider to be a profoundly safe and effective form of sexual Chi Gung, really helps prevent any blockages or energy stagnation by virtue of the deep abdominal breathing and gentle direction of chi along the microcosmic orbit. So it may the KSMO that is keeping my head from exploding. All is know is, if it was that bad for me, it surely would have killed me by now. The closest thing to a health problem I've experienced was for a few weeks I found myself getting "stuck" in Crown Chakra orgasms for several hours a day, every day. But it felt more like a gentle Kundalini awakening than anything. I was simply stuck in orgasmic pleasure and profound spiritual bliss for awhile. But again, I do feel that my KSMO practice kept the energy moving in a healthy and natural way. I couldn't help noticing AstralProjectee dealing with the same type of admonishing comments regarding "thinking off" as my wife and I have any time we mentioned that we enjoy practicing KSMO/"Tantra" together. The same "you'll shoot your eye out," "that will make you go blind," "here there be dragons" type resistance that pioneering, fun-loving, bliss-seekers have always faced. People are still afraid of their own pleasure and imaginations. What a shame. 😉 Apologies for the lack of quotations from so many excellent posts. I was in a rush, cat in my lap, and a sluggish phone signal.
  9. Greetings and salutations

    Hey Artform looks like the campfire was down to embers by the time I arrived. But I'm always happy to help. Just send up the big "A" sign in the sky and I'll answer the call!
  10. Hello Tao Bums

    Hey Rumel! It's great to be sharing another forum with you. Your good vibes are always appreciated! As you've already noted, there are quite a few pearls of wisdom floating around here. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on them. Enjoy the journey! Pan
  11. Greetings and salutations

    Hey Artform! it's a pleasure, as always. Even as I write this, I am sifting through said Xenolith thread. PHEW! Between the various shifts in topic, references to other threads, and the vast string of deleted responses from fellow board member "Rain" (and BTW, 'sup wit dat!?), I feel it's more accurate to say I'm deciphering said discussion rather than reading it. I'm looking forward to reaching the point where you and Vortex interact. And, if appropriate, I'll add some of my own thoughts and experiences regarding the subject. Gotta admit though, the idea of starting a fresh thread is tempting to say the least. Great to hear from you again. I'll meet ya in the trenches!
  12. I don't see any point in all this "my style is better than your style" talk. Fights are often messy, chaotic events. There's rarely anything certain about them. Of course effective styles, good physical conditioning, and advanced skills are all very helpful. But none of them can ever guarantee safety or success in a street fight. Sometimes the skinny little guy wipes the floor with the big tough guy. Sometimes The Super Death Touch Master loses to the drunk slob at the local bar. You just never know for sure what's going to happen in a fight. Heck, while Bruce Lee was filming "Enter the Dragon," he cut himself on a broken bottle during a fight-scene that he choreographed!