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  1. in pathnotes glenn morris talks of how pink is associated with a loving kind of energy(pregnant mom's often contain this color in their aura) and Glenn had pink in his aura... so of the 5 elements i would say wind
  2. KAP

    Benny Hinn has little power, rather vamps off every ungrounded soul in the crowd.
  3. Specialist or Generalist?

    My teacher used to say: "A specialist is someone who knows more and more about less and less until eventually they know everything about nothing" "A generalist is someone who knows less and less about more and more until eventually they know nothing about everything"
  4. Magnet Healing therapies

    I contacted Dan Ferrera per Santi's advice and he responded quickly and told me what type of magnets to use, wehre to get them , and sent other info on magnet use. I suggest looking him up on facebook as he is a wealth of knowledge.
  5. KAP

    It appears that Pak has been doing this sort of thing for some time and appears to be okay physically, as do the people he has treated. It is fully warranted to caution about the power of electricity, but to call these men dumb and dumber an overstep The deeper I go in my meditative practices, the more I see how these things I once thought fantasy are becoming a reality. I believe the same is true with Pak and is abilities with electricity.
  6. KAP

    If this was FB i would click the like button. http://thetaobums.com/style_images/3/folde...icons/icon1.gif
  7. Opening up the leg meridians.

    Shaking while inhaling up the legs should help, knee breathing, squats. Hope this helps.
  8. What does it mean to be 'grounded'?

    Strong base chakra.
  9. Organ Donation

    My brother is a healthy male with two functioning kidneys and is disussing donating them to someone in need, so he will live with only 1 working kidney. I'm just wondering what your guys throughts are on how this will affect him spirtiually, physically, etc...?
  10. No, from what I have learned and been told, some people can be born with active kundalini. Also, being born to a mom who has kundalini will often lead to the child having active kundalini, but I guess this is kind of a form of shaktipat anyways. Kundalini can also be activated through intense trauma like a car crash, severe depression, anxiety, etc... Eckhart Tolle described something that seemed to involve kundalini, and his rose from depression and finally surrendering. No guru or shaktipat involved.
  11. KAP

    Everseeking on your signature. Very funny quotes to live by.
  12. Book for christmas. Reccomendations?

    Tao Semko also has recommended this book to me, although I have yet to purchase it. Your hands can heal you by master cho is also good at understanding the basics of pranic healing.
  13. KAP

    all this talk of trolling i can not resist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ8G2s--1zA...feature=related
  14. KAP

    Prince is right...it's so worthless I took KAp 1, 2 and am currently enrolled in PSD. My brother thinks it's so worthless he's taken KAP 1 and 2. In all reality KAP is the single greatest thing I have done for my life. Both Santi and Tao are great men and are great teachers who have already walked a great deal of the path. I have heard nothing but positive remarks for the teachers and system. good luck with whatever you choose, but it is quite inexpensive for the value you get.
  15. Healing a wart

    +1 on Apple Cider Vinegar...works wonders