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  1. I am back

    See my own theory of yin-yang symbol in my site where I have found the next accurate form of yin-yang
  2. Help with Maths ?

    Hi! May my math of Yin-Yang Symbol will also be interesting for you: My Webpage
  3. Heart strengthening strategies.

    Hi Thelerner! I want to know your opinion about new events in SouthOssetia-Georgia Conflict, I am seeking for you in forum taoist discussion. Do you attend the mentioned forum in ? New points of view on this conflict are presented there.
  4. Hi everyone! I have an interest in Daoism and currently living in Moscow, Russia. Hope to make use of this board! I was also registered here in 2004 as stalker but unfortunately have forgotten my password. My Webpage

    ok why healingdao was destroyed?
  6. NEW YIN-YANG SYMBOL Your OPINION is unknown