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  1. As you know...

    We are together in this Steve. I talked to my PT about my concerns about reiki and given the "weekend warriors" he shares them. But he worked long and hard for his skill, it's like advanced qigong, and so far it looks like he has some real stuff. I certainly can't explain some of what he does. We talk constantly about what he is doing and I'm coming around. I'm not tossing the baby out with the bathwater. If it works, I don't care what it is. He agrees. I wish you better health my friend.
  2. As you know...

    I don't doubt it you believe it.
  3. Pencak Silat

    "well FMA's roots are deeply indonesian Silat." I think there are Filipinos who might disagree. Visayan, sure. Others? Maybe not so much.
  4. I mentioned Steve because we both know him or of him. I don't know Alex but I'm certain he is not of my teachers level. I'm certain he'd agree. I'm not suggesting that you pre-plan or ask your student to cooperate. I am suggesting that he is. If you want to believe you could do that against a non-cooperative person, more power to you. Energy knows no culture, it simply is. I'm fairly certain I needn't be lectured about it. You want people to believe this, it's your rice bowl. I have nothing to sell here.
  5. As you know...

    Hmmm. It's one thing to know, it's another to be able to do it. That can't be done in a weekend.
  6. Santiago, No, this is Buddy Tripp, Yizong Baguazhang. My teacher is Luo Dexiu, ask Alex about him. I am 51 and have been practicing martial arts for 34 years. I have a little understanding about what "internal" is. When you talk about surviving anything we are talking about a real physical realm. I've got no problem with that. I've seen several of Guru Cliff's things and have no doubt he could easily handle me. But when you put up a youtube video of you being able to stop your student without touching him, that's cooperation. You are a young man and I'm not. I'm certain your skill is better than mine. But in no way would that work against me. Sorry, we have this stuff as well in CMA- linkongjin - I don't believe it. I accept your friendship and offer mine in return. It's only a conversation and we need not get heated. We're martial artists so it happens. No offense meant. I wanted to put up a vid of my teacher but the only thing available is form. This will have to do: Hormat, Buddy
  7. Uh OH...

    I was banned for whatever, they never told me. Probably for being a jerk to somebody who cared.
  8. Pencak Silat

    While I have questioned Santiago in a different thread his skill in martial arts is obvious.
  9. Qigong / Chi-Kung

  10. Santiago, Meaning no disrespect to either you nor Guru Cliff but this "ilmu" stuff where people are somehow moved without being touched is... to be polite, far-fetched. I don't believe it for a moment. I believe you have real skill and I am more than certain your guru does. But I doubt either of you could do to me the example you showed with your student. As far as silat goes, I'm baguazhang, I've only dabbled in silat. Buddy
  11. As you know...

    I've always considered that reiki=feiki and my therapist concurs...when we realize MOST of the reiki people out there spend their money for a weekend and some pictures and think they have received some "transmission." It ain't and they didn't. My guy studied for years with the original line and it shows. Just sayin' As a martial artist, the idea of skill in a weekend is total nonsense.
  12. The Taoist Mystic

    "Hello Cat. Thank you for your kind advice. If the layout of the grunts mean more than the point to some readers then those poor souls must live with a limited mental capacity and have our pity." Ah, those poor souls (or is "grunts" a better word) with their "limited mental capacity" and you with your pity. How did they ever get along without you? All those nights up waiting for you to come on an internet forum to give your wisdom so freely.
  13. freemasonry

    Surely David Icke will be mentioned soon...
  14. As you know...

    I have been very critical about many so-called esoteric practices. BUT, recently after a long time of trying to get relief from my sciatica using the Egoscue Method (maybe it's better in person as opposed to online) I've been seeiing (and paying for out of pocket..ouch, good thing the internet marketing is working out) who uses cranial sacral and......reiki...there I said it. I am still in treatment but this guy seems to have some real skill. I'll let you know. Buddy
  15. Qigong / Chi-Kung

    "What I believe, a martial artist if learns high level qigong, he or she will be able to disrupt another person's energy from a distance," I'm sorry, contact is absolutely necessary for real life self defense.