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    "I believe that its the nature of man to ascend, to return to God, the Universe, or the Tao or whatever name your religion or philosophy has for it. Knowledge of how to reunite with the ultimate isn't something you horde or hide away from others." I had an interesting experience that taught me how to stop the reincarnation process. When I was 16, as I was waking up, I heard clearly, "do good and you won't have to transmigrate." I was completely alone in my room at the time. I didn't know what this word (transmigrate) even meant, so I immediately grabbed my dictionary and found it basically means reincarnation. What was also interesting is that at this time in my life I didn't even believe in reincarnation. Why I bring this up, is that maybe it's not that complicated to stop the cycle and return to God/Universe/Tao, etc. Other teachings share other methods, so maybe there are multiple paths to achieve this, I don't know. I agree with you about our purpose, about a year ago I was in deep meditation. All of sudden I saw this vision from the movie Pinocchio. It was Pinocchio's father pouring all this deep deep love and energy into making Pinocchio. Immediately I had a flash of knowing and knew Pinocchio represented mankind and his father God/Creator/Universe/Tao etc. What's also interesting in the movie is that after his many trials and tribulations Pinocchio finally gets happily reunited with his father at the end. The intuitive message I received from this, is that it's our purpose to not only return, but also to become true friends and companions with this ultimate being as well. I just want to add I'm open to learning and therefore being wrong, so in light new experience and knowledge in the future I may completely disagree with everything I just said above. On a different subject, so John Chang and his students are currently not teaching? If some are still teaching I would really be interested, if so please pm me. If this makes any difference my ancestors are from China and I was born in Southeast Asia.
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