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  1. Hermetic Arcanum ~Paris 1623; Jean d'Espagnet; Born: 1564 ,Died: 1637. Aka Spagnetus, he was a French lawyer and politician, and writer on alchemy. In 1601 he became President of the Parlement of Bordeaux. 57. Philosophers extract their stone out of seven stones, the two chief whereof are of a diverse nature and efficacy; the one infuseth invisible Sulphur, the other spiritual Mercury; that one induceth heat and dryness, and this one cold and moisture: thus by their help, the strength of the elements is multiplied in the Stone; the former is found in the Eastern coast, the latter in the Western: both of them have the power of colouring and multiplying, and unless the Stone shall take its first Tincture from them it will neither colour nor multiply. I am confirmed in the plural use of the term stones as energy centres. Here the seven stones are the seven chakras and the 7 celestial objects known to medieval alchemists, represent their nature; Earth red, Mercury orange,Sun yellow,Venus green ,Moon blue, Saturn indigo, Jupiter violet supernal King.. 58. Recipe then the Winged Virgin very well washed and cleansed, impregnated by the spiritual seed of the first male, and fecundated in the permanent glory of her untouched virginity, she will be discovered by her cheeks dyed with a blushing colour; join her to the second, by whose seed she shall conceive again and shall in time bring forth a reverend off-spring of double sex, from whence an immortal Race of most potent Kings shall gloriously arise. The wings come from the eagle the Virgin is the Angelic legacy of the human transmuted in this work 59. Keep up and couple the Eagle and Lion well cleansed in their transparent cloister, the entry door being shut and watched lest their breath go out, or the air without do privily get in. The Eagle shall snap up and devour the Lion in this combination; afterwards being affected with a long sleep, and a dropsy occasioned by a foul stomach, she shall be changed by a wonderful metamorphosis into a coal black Crow, which shall begin to fly with wings stretched out, and by its flight shall bring down mater from the clouds, until being often moistened, he put off his wings of his own accord, and falling down again he be changed into a most White Swan. Those that are ignorant of the causes of things may wonder with astonishment when they consider that the world is nothing but a continual Metamorphosis; they may marvel that the seeds of things perfectly digested should end in greatest whiteness. Let the Philosopher imitate Nature in his work. The Lion is the body and paws of the Hermetic Sphinx representing the Hermetic element of Fire. The lion is the projected aspect from the yellow SunStone.It flies as the Higher Self. Its auric crown is like the lion's mane. Like the lion, fire roars. It flies from the chest , from the Solar Plexus of the magickian. The Eagle is the Wings of the Hermetic Sphinx representing the Hermetic element of Water. The eagle is the projected aspect from the blue MoonStone. It flies as the Guardian Angel. Its wings are like the wings of an eagle. It flies from the head, from the third eye of the magickian. The magickian projects these aspects concurrently the yellow lion on their right and the blue eagle on their left and moves them into each other walking in bilocation until they are as one green light. This work burns the eagle and it becomes the blessed black crow, sacrificing its own light ,for a time , to be purified. This energy is spent fueling the ascenion of the magickian's vibration and consciousness. But the Opus Nigredo passes and the HS/GA emerges as a weak angel which will become chartreuse green and then emerald green after further works. The Angel of the sphinx is the face of the virgin and is emerald green representing the Hermetic element of Air. ... 63. The operative means (which are also called the Keys of the Work) are four: the first is Solution or Liquefaction; the second is Ablution; the third Reduction; the fourth Fixation. By Liquefaction bodies return into their first form, things concocted are made raw again and the combination between the position and negative is effected, from whence the Crow is generated lastly the Stone is divided into four confused elements, which happeneth by the retrogradation of the Luminaries. The Ablution teacheth how to make the Crow white, and to create the Jupiter of Saturn, which is done by the conversion of the Body into Spirit. The Office of Reduction is to restore the soul to the stone exanimated, and to nourish it with dew and spiritual milk, until it shall attain unto perfect strength. In both these latter operations the Dragon rageth against himself, and by devouring his tail, doth wholly exhaust himself, and at length is turned into the Stone. Lastly, the operation of the Fixation fixeth both the White and the Red Sulphurs upon their fixed body, by the mediation of the spiritual tincture; it decocteth the Leaven or Ferment by degrees ripeneth things unripe, and sweeteneth the bitter. In fine by penetrating and tincturing the flowing Elixir it generateth, perfecteth, and lastly, raiseth it up to the height of sublimity. The Dragon is the tail of the Hermetic sphinx which is the serpent and represents the Lower Self.It flies from the small of the back of the magician as an yellow orange coloured fire from the StarStone. The magickian flies from the Sunstone as the HS and concurrently from the small of the back as the LS and these fires consume the dragon and form the Solar Angel. 64. The Means or demonstrative signs are Colours successively and orderly affecting the matter and its affections and demonstrative passions, whereof there are three special ones (as critical) to be noted; to these some add a Fourth. The first is black, which is called the Crow's head, because of its extreme blackness whose crepusculun? sheweth the beginning of the action of the fire of nature and solution, and the blackest midnight sheweth the perfection of liquefaction, and confusion of the elements. Then the grain putrefies and is corrupted, that it may be the more apt for generation. Opuis Nigredo is the Black Works the formation of that blessed black crow . This a time of burning away impurities. It is a sacrifice of energy and a need for rest. The white colour succeedeth the black wherein is given the perfection of the first degree, and of the White Sulphur. This is called the blessed stone; this Earth is white and foliated, wherein Philosophers do sow their gold. This is Opus Albedo; the Albino or White Works this causes the blue stone to whiten and the angel to weaken for a time. The gold sown here is Shen. The golden fire of clairvoyant sight is brought up from the furnace of the SunStone . It is cultivated in the MoonStone in a reciprocal golden centre core of this watery cold head. There it is a light onto the magickian to be used for clairvoyant sight by the third eye The third is Orange colour, which is produced in the passage of the white to the red, as the middle and being mixed of both is as the dawn with his saffron hair, a forerunner of the Sun. The orange colour is the yellow orange StarStone at the small of the back which is the Lower Self and the serpent tail of the Hermetic Sphinx unnoticed by many; hence the fourth by some. The fourth colour is Ruddy and Sanguine, which is extracted from the white fire only. Now because whiteness is easily altered by another colour before day it quickly faileth of its candour. But the deep redness of the Sun perfecteth the work of Sulphur, which is called the Sperm of the male, the fire of the Stone, the King's Crown, and the Son of Sol, wherein the first labour of the workman resteth. The red stone is ruddy and sanguine or blood coloured. It is from the belly or EarthStone that the Guardian Demon projected but not until it is ready to be healed by the white fire of the Guardian Angel, should it do so. The Guardian Angel projects from the brow centre and the Guardian Demon projects from the navel and the GA embraces the GD and they become as one purified but depleted they withdraw transmuted back into the magickian. This is the difficult work which manifests the Lunar Angel. 68. The first digestion operateth the solution of the Body, whereby comes the first conjunction of male and female, the commixtion of both seeds, putrefactium, the resolution of the elements into homogeneous water, the eclipse of the Sun and Moon in the head of the Dragon, and lastly it bringeth back the whole World into its ancient Chaos, and dark abyss. This first digestion is as in the stomach, of a melon colour and weak, more fit for corruption than generation. The eclipse of the sun is the making of the Solar Angel by the purification and ascension of the LS causing the temporary hiding of the light of the sun when it is so diminished but it returns in full glory. The eclipse of the moon is the making of the Lunar Angel by the purification and ascension of the GD causing the temporary hiding of the light of the moon when it is so diminished but it returns too in its full glory. The Dragon is the glorious power which comes from the magickian taming their own base nature.The belly or EarthStone goes from blood red to melon/salmon colour to ruby , in time, through Alchemical Pathworking. 69. In the second digestion the Spirit of the Lord walketh upon the waters; the light begins to appear, and a separation of waters from the waters occurs; Sol and Luna are renewed; the elements are extracted out of the chaos, that being perfectly mixed in Spirit they may constitute a new world; a new Heaven and new Earth are made; and lastly all bodies become spiritual. The Crow's young ones changing their feathers begin to pass into Doves; the Eagle and Lion embrace one another in an eternal League of amity. And this generation of the World is made by the fiery Spirit descending in the form of Water, and wiping away Original sin; for the Philosophers' Water is Fire, which is moved by the exciting heat of a Bath. But see that the separation of Waters be done in Weight and Measure, lest those things that remain under Heaven be drowned under the Earth, or those things that are snatched up above the Heaven, be too much destitute of aridity. The yellow sun HS and the blue moon GA unite in alchemical marriage to form the chartreuse green HS/GA which in time becomes the new heaven; the emerald green ArchAngel which flies nightly in dreamstate projection as an apprentice learning how to heal, inspire, protect and teach. The supernal cluster forms four stones to the front, back ,right and left as chartreuse green, white, emerald and aqua respectively. And the new earth; is the LS/GD which becomes an ArchDemon which is obedient to Godhead; not as a fallen angel but as an exorcist of demons able to descend to the Hels and to see and hear the demons there and within the living. The Infernals are a cluster of four earth stones to the front, back , right and left as salmon, black, ruby, rose "All bodies becomes spiritual" and "the crow's young ones become doves"; the stones multiply in clusters of four and project subtle energy body aspects including higher and higher forms of angels; *Supernals..Emerald....Air.....Empress..........ArchAngel *Supernals .White........Air....CloudStone......Lunar Angel *Supernals..Chartreuse.Air....HeavenStone ...HS/GA.............Angel with Magickian's Face *Supernals..Aqua.........Air....MotherStone....Matriarch *Head.........Silver........Akasha....................Lunar Kerubim *Head.........Sapphire...Water.......................Death Angel *Head.........Indigo.......Water.MoonStone ....Guardian Angel. Eagle Winged *Head.........Purple.......Water.UniverseStone.Universal Mind *Chest........Golden......Fire.........................Solar Kerubim *Chest........Topaz........Fire.........................Solar Angel *Chest........Yellow ......Fire...SunStone .......Higher Self........Lion Maned Aura *Chest........Amber.......Fire...StarStone........Lower Self........Serpent Tail at Small of Back *Belly..........Ruby........Earth..Emperor.........ArchDemon. *Belly..........Black.......Earth...HelStone. ......Beast *Belly..........Red..........Earth...EarthStone....Guardian Demon.Bull Faced Minotaur *Belly..........Rose........Earth...Father............Patriarch 82. By these two Instruments of Art and Nature the Stone lifteth itself up from Earth to Heaven with great ingenuity, and slideth from Heaven to Earth, because the Earth is its Nurse, and being carried in the womb of the wind, it receiveth the force of the Superiors and Inferiors. The EarthStone manifests a reciprocal core of emerald green Air and this is the noble energy of power the treasure called Ching which lifts the magician out of the body past the earth into the heavens and beyond to the higher planes and the elohimic planes and Kether for unio mystica. The wind is air which begins in the womb or the belly and is lifted to the crown to fly. Similarly, a ruby red earth stone will manifest in the supernal emerald green stone and this is the noble energy of manifestation a treasure which has been called xie for gratitude; air..... .xie ....manifestation,clairaudience, healing,clairsentience .....ching..power , projection 108. Of the conflict of the Eagle and the Lion also they write diversely, because the Lion is the strongest animal, and therefore it is necessary that more Eagles act together (three at least, or more, even to ten) to conquer him: the fewer they are, the greater the contention, and the slower the Victory; but the more Eagles, the shorter the Battle, and the plundering of the Lion will more readily follow. The happier number of seven Eagles may be taken out of Lullius, or of nine out of Senior. There are 7 chakras called stones and golden lamps of the lampstand and the candles of the menorah. Eagles are the virgins and the angels representing the purified or transmuted spirit. The supernal and infernal clusters yield 9 in total.In the Gnostic Apocrypha Christ teaches that there are 7 angels and 7 demons in each of the 7 inner gates of the body. ... 119. Thus thou hast all things necessary to the First Work, the end whereof is the generation of two sorts of Sulphur; the composition and perfection of both may be thus finished.The Practice of the Sulphur; Take a Red Dragon, courageous, warlike, to whom no natural strength is wanting; and afterwards seven or nine noble Eagles (Virgins), whose eyes will not wax dull by the rays of the Sun: cast the Birds with the Beast into a clear Prison and strongly shut them up; under this let a Bath be placed, that they may be incensed to fight by the warmth, in a short time they will enter into a long and harsh contention, until at length about the 45th day or the 50th the Eagles begin to prey upon and tear the beast to pieces, which dying will infect the whole Prison with its black and direful poison, whereby the Eagles being wounded, they will also be constrained to give up the ghost. From the putrefaction of the dead Carcasses, a Crow will be generated, which by little and little will put forth its head, and the Heat being somewhat increased it will forthwith stretch forth its wings and begin to fly; but seeking chinks from the Winds and Clouds, it will long hover about; take heed that it find not any chinks. At length being made white by a gentle and long Rain, and with the dew of Heaven it will be changed into a White Swan, but the new born Crow is a sign of the departed Dragon. In making the Crow White, extract the Elements, and distil them according to the order prescribed, until they be fixed in their Earth, and end in Snow-like and most subtle dust, which being finished thou shalt enjoy thy first desire, the White Work. ... 126. Two perfect Metals give a perfect Tincture, because they are dyed with the pure Sulphur of Nature, and therefore no Ferment of Metals may be sought except these two bodies; therefore dye thy Elixir White and Red with Luna and Sol; Mercury first of all receives their Tincture, and having received it, doth communicate it to others. From the sun or Sol comes the red earth . The right side of the magickian begins red warm male but the right arm becomes orange from the fire of the yellow sun and the right leg changes from red earth to salmon/melon coloured. The SunStonelends fire to the belly and it changes from red to salmon/melon. The left side of the magickian begins cold blue female.taking yellow sun into the left leg it becomes chartreuse green air. The blue head or MoonStone becomes White , Blue, Silver and Purple as it flowers into four stones.
  2. Thoughts on Franz Bardon's System

    Hey Cat Pillar how are you going? Have you tried IIH?
  3. Thoughts on Franz Bardon's System

    I find that IIH in conjunction with Rawn Clark's companion text provides the best foundation for developing oneself as a Magickian. There is a forum dedicated to his works here; And here is a board on my own forum , too;;c=14;sa=collapse;sesc=aae19e5da9fde23d97671a7d46f20fad#14
  4. Jung Personality Test

    Jung Personality Test Briggs Myers Typology This test is based upon the works of Carl Jung the famous psychoanalyst who was also a Hermetic Alchemist, too. It has been around for years and it is supposedly held to be very accurate amongst psychologists. The Test provides your type 'formula', type attributes, and suggested career choices.The test might help the magician with their soul mirror on Step I of IIH. More concerning this style of test; I saw it on 2 different esoteric groups and became intrigued with the responses. I would like to see further results .So I thought I would share it here , too. Please take the test if you choose, it is free, and then post your results should you care too. The test is currently posted at a number of Metaphysical/Magick/Occult Forums. One observation I have had is that many metaphysicists/mystics/magicians/wiccans/projectors, irregardless of paradigm, seem to be INFP and INFJ which are supposed to be very rare in the general population. So I wonder if we had a series of 100 or more results if the percentage of intuitive feelers INF_ would be higher amongst all forms of magicians than amongst the general population. I believe so. Results so far INFJ V/// 8/28 28.6 % INFP V/ 6/28 21.4% INTJ V/ 6/28 21.4% INTPV/ 6/28 21.4% ISFJ / 1/28 3.6% ENTJ / 1/28 3.6% IN+ F 14/28 =50%
  5. Mantak Chia confirms more than three tan tiens

    Although it is true that all of the universe lies within the stillness of the heart in a microcosm of all realms , the voices of the immortals are heard more clearly by returning to the source . It is through ascension to the higher planes that we learn from these Mahatma . This is possible for all humans . Contemplating the silence is a beginning . But seeing and hearing the lessons is much better than sitting silently in the waiting room . Across the centuries, mystics have done this . Their visions and lessons fill textbooks . I have never read a book about what was learned waiting in the silence . It would be a short one though .
  6. Mantak Chia confirms more than three tan tiens

    What does btt mean ,please ? I did hear from Michael Winn here ;
  7. Mantak Chia confirms more than three tan tiens

    It is easy to ridicule another . It is better to love and to share and learn from each other as peers . Mantak Chia has brought a huge body of ancient Chinese works into English. works which have been repressed and held in secret. He has revealed , translated and interpreted the works of ancient masters so that the masses might comprehend them. He demonstrates a profound understanding of energy work and the development of the human energy body . Robert Bruce recommended Mantak Chia's works to me . I consider both of them as contemporary masters . One measure of their work is the amount of time and dedication they have both given in love and service to humanity . Emptying one's mind is a preliminary step to attaining Kether, The Universal Mind , and the immortal realms. The cultivated silence is a stepping stone to trance and from there to the development of communication with immortals , angels and the higher self . Returning to source by projecting the mental body as a mystic in meditative trance is more desirable . I do study alchemy seriously . I have completed many alchemical works including the Opus Minus, Magnum Opus and Emerald tablet . None of which would have been possible without a holistic approach attending to the development of the energy body through projection and energy exercises as well as achieving meditative trance to project the consciousness as a mystic . My practice has been logged online since 2003. I work as a Hermetic alchemist and kaballahist . I came here to learn Taoist perspectives on the human energy body which has been studied anciently and is not an approach to be seen in isolation nor subjected to disparagement . The body ,soul , mind and spirit must be prepared . Then he is speaking about the doubling of the ripened and enlarged tan tiens which manifest as a secondary column of energy centres at the rear of the human energy body . The tan tien of the heavens is above the head and though the fourth on the spinal chakral column , it is actually the 8th one to manifest . The Heavens stone is not in the body but crowns it . Within the stillness is the self . "Within you is the sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself "One must gather silence then transcend beyond it to expand the consciousness and learn from the immortals how to serve the world . It is in service that we grow . To achieve immortality is not to live in one's decaying vessel for eternity nor to hold it in stasis prolonging its utility . Immortality is reached by love , light and service to others . We will be welcomed into the immortal realms as an apprentice when we demonstrate our universal tolerance and divine compassion to the world . Then we can pilot our next incarnation on earth and we can also become an eternal teaching spirit ourselves . To do this we build up the light quptient of each tan tien .
  8. Mantak Chia confirms more than three tan tiens

    I suppose that you meant sarcastic . Oh Thank you Cameron for your quick reply .Since you infer that this information is not new to you , would you kindly point to any post at this forum discussing the nature of this tan tien ? Is there any discussion beyond the primary three known for centuries ? Because I did search and I did not find any . Please assist me . What is the nature of this energy and what is the Taoist Alchemical term for the energy in the tan tien above the moon stone ? How many energy storage centres are you aware of , please ? How many do you believe your energy body to have manifested , thank you ? Have you developed a tan tien above the moonstone ? What was your practice to achieve this ? And were you seeking to attain another tan tien or was it circumstantial ?
  9. There are three primary tan tiens also called stones which have been historically known as energy storage centres. European Medieval Alchemisys called these the Moon , Sun and Earth .Chinese Taoist Alchemists distinguished the type of energy in each cauldron as Shen , Chi, and Ching respectively . All are born with three tan tiens ;the female blue moon, the neutral pale yellow sun, and the male salmon red Earth . The silver flame was known to ancient mystics in Sanskrit as anju or anja .This begins to spin and be seen clairvoyantly on our hearts .Then a golden mantle appears on the shoulder to demonstrate our emergent energy body is perfected and ready to begin its long journey . These tan tiens are storage centres of energy allowing the body to develop more and to raise energy to feed the subsequent flames of kundalini .When the sun is fully active it becomes male and this causes a profound imbalance of red earth and yellow fire being 2 male and blue water being 1 female . The female air tan tien is obviously missing . But there are many more than 3 tan tiens . The energy body has infinite potential as it becomes full of light , than the centres begin to manifest .They exist already and lay waiting , ready to bloom . The platinum blue female tan tien is capped by the Crown of the Goddess . Above this is the Alpha aperture ready to fill the cauldron of energy flowing over and through the blue indigo and violet chakras. .The pale yellow dan tien is the sun . The energy heart is the pump of the energy body .This cauldron surrounds and flows over and through the yellow and green chakras . The salmon red male tan tien is capped by the Throne of God . Beneath it is the Omega Aperture ready to fill the cauldron of energy flowing over and through the orange and red chakras . The chartreuse green female tan tien will manifest on the violet chakra when the newly emergent white chakra manifest and is fully imbibed. My peers and I began to clairvoyantly see this chartreuse green tan tien on ourselves and others . We found it connected us to the united guardian angel and higher self , that it is air energy and that it increased connectivity to immortal realms ,heaven and Godhead. It is a supernal energy centre associated with Kether. But we could not find confirmation of more than 3 tan tiens in any esoteric literature . So I was very pleased to get this reply from Mantak Chia ; From : Mantak Chia <[email protected]> Sent : Tuesday, 24 April 2007 4:01:04 AM To : [email protected] Subject : RE: More than three tan tiens Dear Catherine Curran We have many Tan Tien. The one that is above the crown we use in the practice in the Greatest Kan & li the inner alchemist. And in the Greatest Kan Li we create the big one in the space for the alchemy of the heaven and earth... MC What was frustrating to me was that there was not any evidence in the esoteric writings of the past nor in the contemporary metaphysical books to confirm our sighting of more than three tan tiens . We began to see the fourth tan tien in 2005 . Mantak Chia is a world expert on Taoist Alchemy so his email confirming our readings made me very happy .
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    From Siddhartha ~ Herman Hesse ; * Within you there is a sanctuary to which you can retreat ,at any time , and be yourself. * Life is like the River , everything changes nothing remains the same , everything returns. From Christ * Happy are those who are called to this supper . * Love one another as I have loved you . From Buddha * You are both a student and a teacher of all whom you meet upon your path
  11. G'Day from Perth Australia

    Thanks Darin , it's good to see you again and it's nice to see a friendly face.
  12. Googling ;subtle body chakras tan tiens storage centers I found this The Spiritual Core of Master Mantak Chia's Teaching You can observe the “dark matter” with your “dark matter” subtle body vision. ... Cosmic consciousness opens the three tan tiens to receive primordial force ... also MAP by Robert Bruce please give me an addy for HT , thanks I believe that there are 7 spinal chakras and that there are 3 primary energy storage centres surrounding each pair of chakras . And that there is a fourth energy centre which will manifest above the crown when the energy body develops sufficiently . The energy flows thru the central column imbibing the chakras and then the excess energies flow into the tan tiens like the receptacle below a fountain to recycle the energy within the chakras . Moonstone~shen water around blue and indigo chakras Sunstone ~ chu around yellow and green chakras Earthstone ~around red and orange chakras I am new. May members post links to their own sites & articles ?
  13. G'Day from Perth Australia

    Hello , Thankyou for letting me join . I am a clairvoyant medium , mystic ,Kaballahist , Hermetic Magician and Alchemist .I would like to learn more about Taoist Alchemy especially as it relates to the development of the Human Energy Body . Looking forward to meeting you and wondering if any of my online mates are already here too , Aunt Clair